Introduction to new Thought


What is spiritual perfection anyway?

I was amazed as I surfed around one day on the web to find out something truly useful about myself!

That was the magical day I figured out what my religious belief is and what I believe. Imagine my surprise when I found had a delightful little 20 question quiz that nailed me and my beliefs to a tee.

Apparently I am a New Thought Practitioner! At least 100% of my beliefs fall in line with New Thought. Well, of course, that got me checking what in the heck (if you believe in such fairy stories!) is a New Thought Practitioner and what on Earth do they believe?

The Force behind it all

Well, I do believe that there is one great Force behind it all. Star Wars came out when I was 14 years old and it is most likely a huge influence on my spiritual beliefs I suppose. The Force seems to permeate all of my positive actions and force and guide our innermost journeys.

Divine force is in every person

I do believe there is Divine force in every person I have ever met, whether they act as friends or enemies. It is my clear and sincere belief that every friend and enemy has probably served the inside of me the same.

My friends with their love and support have allowed me to grow like a plant in the sunshine just as my enemies have quickly forced me to grow. Most of my so-called enemies have forced me to go through the ordeal of figuring out more about what is inside of me. I was forced to see it festering or pushing me to expand beyond what was stagnating.

This leads me to one of the more bizarre of my personal beliefs that I had no idea was shared by anyone much less a whole school of thought that has been around for a hundred years: The belief that there is no sin or Satan or Evil. I honestly do believe that everyone I have ever met this life is Perfect. They always have been and always will be.

Everyone is part of the Divine Dance

So this is where I tie it all together. I believe everything and everyone is part of the Divine Dance. If Divine Source is perfect, we are all Perfect and if we are all part of Perfection aren’t we not simply Perfection ourselves? Even Spiritual Perfection?

And because I believe that everyone who is drawn to read this knows this deep inner truth, YOU MUST BE SPIRITUAL PERFECTION INCARNATE!

I could be wrong though. I always leave my mind open. I like to leave room to another day to show me that Divine Perfection doesn’t always look the way I think it should!

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