Reflections on Psychic Gifts


Exercising psychic powers is not about walking up to someone in the street and giving them a message. That is intrusive and the psychic is intruding on private thoughts and matters of the person.

Exercising psychic powers is about service to others.

We only offer to heal when requested – the same applies to psychic abilities. They are not for the faint of heart as the information is meant to be private and ethically speaking kept to yourself. It is not to notify everyone and anyone about a third party.

Another important issue is education.

When a human being has a talent or skill (i.e. music) they go to a teacher for the basics, then practice to hone their individual talent. What is different about psychic abilities? Why do so many feel they are special and do not need direction? Or perhaps that these abilities will open and manifest all on their own, without guidance?

Psychic abilities are inherent in human nature

Psychic abilities are inherent in human nature – some say there is a gland for this purpose – the pineal. It is based on the 5 senses we use in our material world and add 2 more – intuition (from the mind-gut feelings) and I know (this comes from the heart – it neither sees nor hears – it just knows) as you take their operation to the psychic (sensitive) level of human existence.

As they open into a full blossom of existence, we find ourselves sensitive to others in such a different way. We are capable of giving messages of comfort and love (or not) to those who ask. And we learn to be ethical and spiritually loving in the process.

The psychic path and the spiritual path are both unique and distinct from one another – although they can and do enhance one another.

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