Testimonies is Channeling a Real Experience or is it Faked


Before I express my beliefs about whether channeling is ‘real’ or ‘fake, I would like to explain what I believe channeling even is!

When a person channels to yourself

When a person channels, to me it means that they are accessing energies that they do not personally identify with. That is not, however, to say that those energies are “separate” from them. Have you ever heard of multiple personality disorder?

People with multiple personality disorder are simultaneously “channeling” energies that are so different from one another that one personality can have an allergy while another personality does not have that allergy. The different energies that make up the person have a complete effect on that person’s mind, body, and emotions. One person can house so many vastly different energies.

When people channel various energies or entities, I believe that they are essentially connecting to a hidden part of their own self. They are connecting to one of their own multiple personalities, for we all have them! Though we often express similar energies into the world and to ourselves, our potential for creation is truly unlimited.

People can channel ideas

But don’t get me wrong, I full-heartedly embrace the idea that people can channel ideas from beings who live in higher dimensional spaces. But who’s to say that those beings are not us? And who’s to say that they are not also separate beings, busy living their own lives in worlds we can hardly imagine?

I think that we live in a highly paradoxical universe where many things can be true at once, depending on your perspective. I think that channeling can be perceived as both real and fake, depending on how you see it. And don’t get me wrong, many trance channelers have the incredible ability and deserve recognition for the energies they can express.

I have seen a woman channel arch-angelic energy and that was a rare gem of experience in my eyes, most people cannot do that.

Channeling energies

In my own experience, I often channel various energies while I am writing or doing artwork. Sometimes I sing words and have no idea where they are coming from. Sometimes I have no idea where my ideas are coming from. I grasp scientific concepts in a very deep and intuitive way and have no idea how I do that and why some others can’t do that. I think we all have our experience of connecting to the cosmic mind and excavating some lovely jewels from the deep caverns of oneness. And I think it’s beautiful that we each have unique gifts to offer to each other.

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