Essentiality of Foolishness


Foolishness has received several meanings. The following are some of them:

  • folly
  • irresponsibility
  • absurdity
  • ridiculousness     
  • stupidity

These interpretations are given by those who are educated and therefore foolishness becomes a relative factor. Even those who say they are educated may have the above qualities in them which is not seen by them.

Foolishness is an essential part of our life.

God was foolish to create this whole universe. It was God’s foolishness that is mocked at every moment by the materialists, physicists, and scientists. It was the innocence of God’s love that has given us so many resources to live by. Therefore, at moments innocent people get caught to cunning rogues. In prisons, it is visible that there are many innocent people who have received a sentence for not doing any wrong. In front of God, that’s considered a privilege. Therefore, foolishness has a strong spiritual aspect that nobody wants to think of. Foolishness and innocence go together and it is the natural existence of man.

Knowledge is considered power.

Therefore, those who do not have an education or have a little education is considered foolish by the so-called prudent people. The spirituality of the foolish is at a higher level than the prudish person since he considers it an obligation to help everyone without having any doubts. It is prudent who is in doubt every time. Such a negative feeling is not seen in the foolish person.

Foolishness becomes a wealth in the presence of God.

As we know it is foolish who is being destroyed all the time.

In classic plays, we see the character of a fool who makes tricks and helps in resolving issues. Therefore, foolishness does not amount to mere innocence but contains a faculty of prudishness of its own. Such prudishness does not tally with the elite knowledge which is gained through books and certificates. Therefore, a contrast lies between the foolish prude and the bookish prude.

As James Gibbons Huneker says. “He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom.

And George Bernard Shaw tells,  “Folly is the direct pursuit of happiness and beauty” This means that foolishness does not carry unwanted problems that always trouble the mind. The worldly problems are not taken by the foolish and therefore foolishness amounts to be a source of freedom. Conflicts and other complex issues are not seen by the foolish and simplicity is what rests in the mind of the foolish. This is why in certain dramas the character of the simpleton is shown.

Simplicity and innocence beautify foolishness which otherwise cannot be achieved through learning and experience.

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