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Numbers make the world go around in more ways than one!

They are everywhere and have many meanings in our lives such as in our month, day and year of birth. They also have an impact on the behaviors of people in residences and places of business.

Have you ever wondered why some residences or buildings make you feel comfortable while others leave you feeling edgy, uncomfortable, or make the hair “stand on the back of your neck?” If you and your family move frequently to a new residence do you notice or ever wonder why there appears to shift in their behavioral patterns? It’s all in the address numbers.

Importance of Numbers in Home Addresses

Each number and letter in the physical address of a residence or business, including a suite or unit number, is important. Each vibrates uniquely and certain behaviors are linked to certain numbers; however, the overall “invisible” energy has an impact within a residence or business too. All individual numbers in an address must be totaled then broken down into a single digit in order to calculate the overall “invisible” energy. The exception to this rule is the Master Number “11”.

Energy and its ability to do work

One definition of energy in the field of physics is the ability to do work. In physics, energy is all around us and it can neither be created nor destroyed – only changed in form. Since numbers vibrate they are regarded as energy and can be shifted to change a negative environment into a positive one however the method to shift a building’s energy will not be discussed here.

Energies of residence address numbers:

“0” Null
“1” Friction/Competition/Aggression/Motivation/Drive
“2” Teamwork/Calmness
“3” Communication
“4” Integrity/Protection
“5” Illegal or Wrongful Activities/Deceptive Practices
“6” In-Control Behavior/Counseling/Babies to Middle-Aged People
“7” Research & Development/Isolation
“8” High Quality/Cold Atmosphere/Power Struggles/Unethical practices
“9” Low Quality/Warm Atmosphere
“11” Burglary/Theft/Insecurity

Using the definitions of each number above and the example provided one may determine the behavior(s) of people inside the residence based upon individual numbers in the address as well as the overall address energy.

2314 Main St.
(2+3+1+4 = 10; 1+0 = 1 (overall energy)

Analysis: This residence has drive/motivation “1” and teamwork “2” to get things done. There is communication between people “3” and people will tell the truth “4”, however, the final energy “1” is frictional and it is difficult, if not impossible, for people in this residence to come to a consensus.

“1” Energy Residence An overall “1” energy residence is linked to friction, aggression, competition, and agitation between people; however, in certain aspects, “1” is linked to motivation/drive. It is hard for people living in a “1” energy residence or business to come to an agreement on anything. Verbal disputes between people will occur and there may be physical outbreaks/fighting too.

Example: 352 Main St.
(3+5+2 = 10; 1+0 = 1)

“2” Energy Residence An overall “2” energy residence is linked to calmness in a residence, however, it may also lead to inactivity and/or not getting things done. This number is linked also linked to teamwork in certain aspects.

Example: 659 Main St.
(6+5+9 = 20; 2+0 = 2)

“3” Energy Residence An overall “3” energy residence is linked to communication. Over time this energy will lead to financial problems as there may be out of control spending.

Example: 921 Main St.
(9+2+1 = 12; 1+2 = 3)

“4” Energy Residence An overall “4” energy residence is linked to protection and this energy feels like a “lockdown”. There may either be a security guard/police patrolling a business and/or a security system present. This is the number for memorizing information and is linked to integrity in certain aspects. There energy here is intense and one can cut it “with a knife”.

Example: 1831 Main St.
(1+8+3+1 = 13; 1+3 = 4)

“5” Energy Residence An overall “5” energy residence is linked to illegal and wrongful activities. There will be out of control behavior, louder than normal voice levels, children will be difficult to discipline and people will lie to one another. It is difficult to focus or concentrate on any tasks as one will get easily distracted. There may be piles of things lying around as it’s difficult to get organized. People may be coming and going from this residence at all hours of the day and a security system may be present.

Example: 8330 Main St.
(8+3+3+0 = 14; 1+4 = 5)

“6” Energy Residence An overall “6” energy residence represents in-control behavior and counseling. People here may tell one another, “I think you should”, “Maybe you should try this”, etc. There will rarely be physical outbreaks here. This energy attracts people middle-aged and younger.

Example: 9420 Main St.
(9+4+2+0 = 15; 1+5 = 6)

“7” Energy Residence An overall “7” energy residence is linked to research and development (R&D;) and experimentation. People will keep to themselves as the energy here is solitary.

Example: 8350 Main St.
(8+3+5+0 = 16; 1+6 = 7)

“8” Energy Residence An overall “8” energy residence is linked to a “win at all cost” attitude and/or unethical practices. It may be associated with financial success as well as outright greed. This energy is linked to high quality however the emotional feeling in this residence is cold.

Example: 1610 Main St.
(1+6+1+0 = 8)

“9” Energy Residence An overall “9” energy residence is one of emotional warmth and attracts everyone, honest and dishonest. This number is linked to theft, vandalism and graffiti. A security system may be present here and this energy is linked to low quality.

Example: 630 Main St.
(6+3+0 = 9)

In Numerology the energy “11” is called a “Master Number”. Although it shares some of the same traits as final residence energy “2” it must not be broken down as it is linked to other activities.

“11” Energy Residence An overall “11” energy residence is linked to burglary, plumbing, piping, and electrical issues. Although the atmosphere is calm there is a tendency for people to “look over their shoulder” as they may feel they’re being watched or feeling insecure. A security camera or system may be present here. Gut instinct or “hunches” are strong with people in this residence.

Example: 7301 Main St.
(7+3+0+1 = 11)

Energies Focused on suite and unit numbers

Other address energies to focus upon are suite and unit numbers of apartments, townhomes, and condominiums. These numbers must be included when calculating the final energy of a single unit.

Example: 9526 Main St. Apt. #6524
(9+5+2+6+6+6+5+2+4 = 39; 1+2 = 3).

Example: 6269 Main St. Suite 5

(6+2+6+9+5 = 28; 2+8 = 1)

In addition, if rooms inside of an office building are numbered on the outside either on or above the door, then this is the energy flowing into the room.

Address energies in which we work or live can be shifted to rid a building of negative behaviors in order to instill positive ones. Caution must be exercised when shifting any building energy as there may be other challenges. One is if a business address has a suite number; however, the suite number(s) do not physically appear on the outside of the door.

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