Catholic Ways to Celebrate Pentecost


Pentecost, which comes fifty days after Easter, is considered the birthday of the Catholic church.  After Jesus ascended into heaven, the apostles and Mary, Mother of God, were frightened and confused. They went to the upper room to pray and the Holy Spirit descended upon them.  They could speak in different languages, so they were able to convey the story to everyone without language barriers. They were filled with the desire to pass on the miracle of Jesus to the world.

Catholic families can celebrate Pentecost at home in a variety of ways.  Passing on traditions centered around Holy Days is a great way to bond with your family and strengthen the whole family’s faith.


Going to Mass on Pentecost is the perfect way to start your celebration. Because red is the liturgical color, symbolizing the tongues of fire the Holy Spirit sent to the apostles and the faithful women, wearing a red article of clothing on Pentecost is a good idea.

Bible readings

Of course, at Mass, there will be three readings but you can re-read them at home with your family, too.  The readings for June 8, 2014, are listed on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. There are a few alternative readings on the website that you could also use.

Setting the table

Set your table with either red or white linens and make your centerpiece a fat red candle.

Scatter rose petals, real or artificial, around the table. Have the kids make small confetti-like flames out of construction paper and scatter those with the rose petals.  Red curly ribbon, curled and hung from the ceiling over the table can represent the coming of the Holy Spirit.


The Catholic Cuisine Blogspot has many ideas for desserts on Pentecost.  Of course, red velvet cake is one but there are many other great ideas to be found there. Consider making a birthday cake for the Church even if it’s not red velvet.


Since the Holy Spirit gave the apostles the gift of languages, why not print out The Lord’s Prayer in different languages and have everyone give reading them a whirl.  You can find the Lord’s Prayer in French, Spanish, Latin, and many other languages on the website Lord’s Prayer Words.

Whether you incorporate these ideas into your Pentecost celebration or come up with your own, it’s important for Catholic families to acknowledge and celebrate the faith.  Even if you don’t have young children, honoring special Catholic days is how you can deepen your faith and connect with God.


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