How do American Muslims feel about Chrismas


Christians celebrate Christmas Day on 25th December around the world. Take a look at the towns and cities that celebrate this holiday. All places Take Christmas Decorations Really Seriously! Children waiting in line to see Santa Claus, Christmas movies are playing on televisions. Christmas is celebrated by Christians around the world gloriously!

American Muslims adopting the culture of Christmas

There are some American Muslims who seem to have adopted the culture of Christmas, even though many of them are trying to keep their children from the influence of the Christmas celebration. This caused controversy among American Muslims. This debate is still going on for years, as more and more Muslims affected by the celebrations of Christmas.

Abdullah, an American Muslim from Egypt says “I don’t appreciate those actions that some people try to force us to celebrate ‘Christmas’ all these years. I’ve been celebrating Christmas since I was a child and they kept to force us to celebrate continuously. Muslim parents have complained to the school administration because their child participated in a Christmas celebration without their consent”.

Soedibyo, an American Muslim from Indonesia, says “we have trouble keeping our children from the influence of Christmas, All citizens in my town celebrating Christmas and we can’t avoid it. I’m against celebrating Christmas because, for us, Jesus is not God. Jesus is a prophet sent by God to tell the truth that God is only one. Jesus never making Himself Equal with God. Maybe Jesus will cry when knowing his followers have considered him as God. God has sent thousands of prophets to bring the truth that God is only God who created the whole universe and Jesus is one of the prophets sent by God. We can only advise our children, so they will not be influenced by the ideology of Christmas”.

The debate about the Christmas celebration

The debate about the Christmas celebration does not happen only among Muslims, many Christians are also debating about the Christmas celebration. They assume that December 25 is not the birthday of Jesus and Jesus never commanded his followers to celebrate his birthday. Christmas celebration is never done by Christians until the fourth century. Christmas celebration is something new and has no reason to do.

Debates about the Christmas celebration will never end. Even so, American people, no matter what their beliefs, will celebrate Christmas with great joy. Christmas for Christians is the day to love each other. Christmas with a myriad of questions and controversy in it, will still be a special day for Christians around the world.

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