Choosing the Best Type of Yoga


At present, the only elements that are integrated into your experience are your mind, your body and your emotions. You recognize them to some point, and you can assume that these three aspects have to occur the way they are occurring, there must be an underlying energy that causes them to take place. So these are the only four real things in your life: mind, body, feeling and energy.

Your Actions come from Mind, Body, Energy or Emotions

Whatever you desire to do with yourself, it must be made based on these four levels. Anything you wish to carry out can only take effect with your mind, your body, your energy or your emotions.

If you employ you emotions and attempt to arrive at the ultimate, that’s what we call bhakti yoga which signifies the road of devotion. If intelligence is to be used and attempt to arrive at the ultimate, that’s ganna yoga which means the road of intelligence. On the other hand, if the body is used to achieve the ultimate, karma yoga is the term for that which means the action path. And if you convert your energies and strive to accomplish the ultimate, that’s what we call kriya yoga or path of internal action.

Finding Balance

These are the only avenues you can reach somewhere: either through ganna, karma, kriya or bhakti- mind, body, energy or emotion. These are your choices where you can work with yourself. People have diverse dominance; some may have a dominant heart, others their intellect, another might be their hands; but everyone has a combination of these four aspects. Thus, you need a mixture of these four. Only if it is combined in the proper way for you, it works excellently for you. What may be given to a particular person, if it is present in you, may not work well for you since that kind of individual is so much with emotion and the other is much with intelligence. It is apt to say that unless the correct proportion is given in you, it won’t work well for you. This is the reason why there is excessive stress on a live guru who is on a spiritual path. Figuratively, if he doesn’t combine the right cocktail for you, then there is no punch.

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