Practicing Yoga for Arthritis Pain


Suffering from chronic stiffness on your back? Or got some trouble with knee and wrist bending because of pain? Chances are, you might have arthritis.


Arthritis Can Affect Anyone – Yoga May Help

Arthritis is considered as one of the most widespread diseases in the planet. In America, 40% of those people between the ages of 45 and 64 as well as 60% of those aging from 65 and above are suffering from this common disease. This kind of ailment causes the joints to swell and thereby inflicting pain with slight movements. The tissue of cartilage that connects the joints is destabilized, and a person’s movement becomes an undefinable task due to the soreness. However, arthritis does not only affect the aged people. Any person whether teenagers, adolescents, and young kids can be affected by this weakening malady. Arthritis can be brought about by a range of health problems like obesity, deprived muscle and bone strength, aging and an unwholesome lifestyle.

Yoga has been discovered to be an excellent solution to handle the symptoms of arthritis with its mild exercises. Regular practice of yoga reinforces the joints, which is essential for boosting the strength of someone who experiences arthritis because the soreness and pain will be deeply minimized. It also brings back the flexibility to your joints, neutralizing the stiffness that causes complexity in moving around. The uric acid level in your system is also decreased by the practice of yoga. Excessive uric acid in the body, which his caused by over consumption of fatty foods and alcohol, results in joint pains. Once the pain-causing uric acid has been discharged, you feel much relaxed and relieved.

Considering that yoga is a physical in nature, obesity may be avoided as you regularly practice yoga. Weight loss can also help in taking the tension off your joints and lets you move unreservedly without intense pain. The art of yoga also aids to strengthen your immunity, restore your resistance to illnesses and relax your mind so you can enjoy living your life to the fullest.

With just simple asana yoga, you can manage to fight arthritis. Since the hands and wrists are the most vulnerable parts attacked by arthritis, you can concentrate on this area first. Just keep your joints flexible and agile by continually bending and flexing your wrists and clasping your fists. The joints of your ankle can be worked out with plain rotations and bending. Simple stretches can be done to alleviate the pain from stiff necks and shoulders. Relaxation techniques are also incorporated in yoga. It includes the corpse pose for body relaxation and the easy pose which is practiced to straighten the back and relax the psyche.

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