The Truth behind Mercury Retrograde


Various astrologers will inform you that Mercury retrograde is an instance when all forms of communication can go upside-down. Although there is some certainty to that assertion Mercury retrograde is much more than interesting that it appeared at first. As an additional step to making backups for your files, data, on computers, and obtaining extra caution and care when signing papers, Mercury is a time to deal with with projects that have been saved.

Mercury Retrograde is a Time of Thought and Contemplation

Thrice every year Mercury will give us a break to gather our thoughts, re-examine what we have been doing and getting stock of wherever we want to go. Provide yourself a little respite and instead of moving ahead always to be, act and get more, this is an instance to be seated and let the moment be just right as it is.

Each time Mercury turns retrograde a different message is being delivered. On May 2009, the message of Mercury retrograde is reorganizing how to convert into reality what you desire in your life. The retrograde event in 2007 happened on the 7th day of May at 1:01 AM EDT. This directly falls at 9:22 PM EDT on the 30th day of May. The planet starts its retrograde in astrological sign Gemini, that has the dominion, and shifts directly to Taurus. In astrology, thinking is attributed to Gemini while possession is attributed to Taurus. It is time to re-visualize the qualities you possess, the things you need in living to make your existence more pleasurable.

The Gemini’s energy will provide you a lot of ideas on how to do it, and then the movement of Mercury is towards Taurus where he is connected with the world of confusion and creativity, planet Neptune. You might undergo confusion about how to accomplish your plan. This is a segment of this retrograde process. The clouding up of Neptune in the scene is that the concept you hold in your mind is worn away to be replaced by another idea. The time we are ready to give theanswer it hinders other choices.


Mercury Retrograde is conditional Depending on Your Astrological Sign

The appropriate use of the retrograde of Mercury is conditional upon the place where the retrograde happen in your own individual chart. When Mercury is turning retrograde in your domicile of finance, then begin rethinking on the ways of spending your cash and re-organize your budget. If the retrograde moves in the area of relationships and partnerships, then it is advisable to re-communicate and reconnect with your important people, and in due time reconsider seriously if that someone is the right individual for you. On the other hand, if the Mercury retrograde occurred in the house of education, it can cause a setback of educational plans along the road.

Astrologers have different interpretations about the occurrence of Mercury retrograde and even other astrological events. As what majority of them advise the public, it really pays to dream big and prevent those negative forces trap your own world. When something like this happens, use a creative process for your lifestyle to keep that energy in motion.

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