Christianity and Atheism


I never thought I would say it, but the world is spiraling downward into an immoral, degenerative state. It is getting very dark and trying to wipe out Christianity is only the beginning.

Turn on the television after dinner, and you will see couples engaging in romantic situations never seen by the previous generation when they were growing up. Turn on the radio and you hear the foulest, disgusting words recited, that disc jockeys are trying to pass off as music.

Where have the censors gone?

They have gone to the dark side, as have the censors and network presidents of all the major cable and broadcast channels. Why is this happening? I believe it is because of all the talk about Christian beliefs and values atheists and agnostics are trying to tear down. Some people are obviously listening.

To give you a few examples, I have to go back to the decade of the seventies. There is a song by the Steve Miller Band, called “Jetliner”, that was a popular hit when I was a teenager. There is a line in the song originally written like this: “funky shi* goin’ down in the city”. On the radio, the line was, “funky kicks goin’ down in the city”. Anyone who purchased the album knew what the real line was, and I and many of my friends got a kick out of listening to the song on the radio and smiling every time we heard that line because we knew about the swear word. That was enough for us; we did not need to hear the word over the air.

Another song, “Eve of Destruction“, contains the following lines: “Look around tell me what you see, what’s happening to you and me. God grant me the serenity, to remember who I am. Cause you’ve given up your sanity for your pride and your vanity, turn your back on humanity, and you don’t give a da da da da da….”

Obviously, they meant to say, ‘and you don’t give a damn. We all knew what they meant to say, but we did not need to hear it. Today, artists can recite any and every filthy word or swear word they want in songs. I have never heard human beings say some of these words in my entire life.

Seeing married couples who sleep in separate beds across the room from each other did not faze me growing up. Seeing Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show, or Lucy Ricardo, pregnant, left me wondering how that was even possible. However, I left it up to my curiosity and imagination to figure out. That was enough. Sadly, today television and radio leave nothing to the younger generation’s imagination. Kids today see and hear it in HD and Surround Sound.

Most television dramas display every type of violence that one person can inflict upon another. This seems to be escalating weekly. Graphic violence, blood, and gore; you can find it all in a one-hour crime drama. It is as if the television executives believe that the public cannot get enough and that it is their duty to satisfy the sick perversions of its viewers, by showing more and more of this with every episode. Someone should tell them that not all of the people who watch their show enjoy seeing a grisly crime shown repeatedly in the course of an hour.

We have lost something we once thought we could never live without, and that is our decency.

We no longer care what our children watch or listen to, because the majority of it is bad anyway.

I believe I am living in an upside-down world.

I read, see, and hear, so many people trying to tear down crosses, the Ten Commandments, and trying to remove the word God from the Pledge of Allegiance, from our money, and everywhere else.

I would have thought that after atheists and agnostics succeeded in wiping out God from all religious sectors everywhere, that would make way for the violence our children see on television, the filth they hear on the radio, and the elimination of morals and values we tried to teach their parents taught them.

If anything, people need to have faith in God more today than ever. This is my case for Christianity, and for all other religions that still believe God exists. This is my case, and I am sticking to it.

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