Closet Political Atheists


In the American political system, there are some atheists in statehouses or senates, governorships, or D.C.’s Congress or the White House, but you probably wouldn’t know who they are. It is much more under the red, white and blue radar than anyone could detect.

You certainly couldn’t get elected in the south where God, guns, and flags are a household staple. Sure, people like commentator and politically-incorrect Bill Maher can spew his God-hating rhetoric with a small following, but people like him aren’t running for anything but “who’s got the biggest mouth contest.”

A gay atheist couldn’t get elected dog catcher in downtown San Francisco if he herded everyone straight to the polls from a gay pride march if he truly came out of his star-spangled closet and denied the existence of God. Even the most ardent liberal democrat utters the words ‘one nation under God’ during a pledge of allegiance. The atheists are more likely activists in robes sitting behind federal courthouse benches with their gavels trying to chip away at religious freedoms through the judicial branch of government.

The wealthy and powerful interests

Wealthy and powerful interests have found a clever way around the flag-waving candidates through judicial fiat and sometimes executive privilege. One example was when the Obama administration tried to force the Catholic church to pay for birth control for its employees – a big mistake.

Not that all of them are non-believing atheists, but they just believe God or any talk of him belongs in a church and not the halls of Congress. They willingly forget that the very stones, concrete, and mortar, marble and wood that the building was made from, was created by the very God they want to keep in a box and keep out of their buildings. The politicians and church sat back and did hardly anything when the courts kicked God and the Ten Commandments out of the schools. God will not stay around where he is not wanted.

The biggest problems in schools in the 1960s were chewing gum in class, and now it’s rape, shootings, fighting, bullying, gossiping and suicides. When the politicians get serious and stop playing a religious-political twister game and truly ask what is so wrong about ‘thou shalt not kill’ and ‘thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself’ hanging in a hallway of congress or a school then maybe God might be invited back into the political arena and schools of America and help clean up this social, moral and financial mess the country seems to be drowning in.

Whether they like it or not, one-day atheist judges and politicians alike will stand in front of the biggest Supreme Courtin the universe and give an account of themselves to the highest commander in chief of the cosmos. This is a rendezvous where they cannot vote ‘Not Present’ or skip altogether; a court date before a throne nestled among the stars, not the stars and stripes. A date that the non-believing atheists and some political figures don’t believe is coming, but a date where there will be only one vote that counts: God’s.

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