Contributions Made by Jewish People


Our world today is a better place due to contributions that have been made by people in all ethnic, religious, and cultural groups. The Jewish people are one of the groups that have made significant differences in a variety of roles that impact our lives today.

There are many categories in which Jewish people have used their skills to excel and to improve our lives.

The following is a partial listing of Jewish people in varied professions, who have gifted us with their contributions. Surely, you’ll recognize some of the names, and will be able to relate to how they have brought joy, health, peace, and knowledge into your life.

Science and Medicine:

Albert Einstein – Nobel Prize winner, discovered the general theory of relativity
Sigmund Freud – Psychoanalyst, Medical Research
Jonas Salk – developed the Polio vaccine
Carl Sagan – – Astronomer, Educator and Author
Paul Ehrlich – Nobel Prize for Discovering Treatment for Syphilis
Albert Sabin – Developed an Improved Polio Vaccine


Hank Greenberg Baseball Player, Baseball Hall of Fame
Mark Spitz – Swimmer – Munich Olympic Games – Seven Gold Medals
Sandy Koufax – Baseball Legend


Irving Berlin Songwriter
Leonard Bernstein – – Conductor & composer

Violinist Itzhak Perlman photographed in 1984.

Isaac Stern – Violin virtuoso
Barry Manilow – Singer
Barbra Streisand -Actor, Director, Musician, Producer, Composer
Neil Diamond – Song writer and Singer
Benny Goodman – Musician
George Gershwin – Composer
Leonard Bernstein – Conductor

Itzhak Perlman – Violinist


Marc Chagall Artist/Painter
Allen Ginsberg – Poet laureate of the Beat Generation
Peter Maxx – Artist/Painter
Louise Nevelson – Artist/Sculptor
Annie Lebowitz – Photographer
Al Capp – Cartoonist, Writer


Arthur Miller – Writer
Elie Wiesel – Author & humanitarian
Mordechai Richler – Writer
Saul Bellow Novelist
Philip Roth – Writer
Franz Kafka Writer
Neil Simon Producer, playwright and screenwriter
E.L. Doctorow
Joseph Heller
Norman Mailer
Budd Schulberg
Gertrude Stein
Herman Woulk
Leon Uris


Moshe Dayan -Politician, Minister of Defense
Golda Meir – Israeli premier (1969-74), a founder of the
State of Israel
Madeleine Korbel Albright U.S. Secretary of State
Alan Greenspan Economist
Ruth Bader Ginsburg – United States Supreme Court Justice
Michael Bloomberg – Philanthropist, Mayor of New York City


Helena Rubinstein -moving force in the cosmetic industry (Helena Rubinstein Cosmetics)
Stanley Marcus – Chairman Emeritus, Neiman Marcus
Ron Sommer – CEO Deutsch Telecom
Milton Hershey – Hershey Chocolates
Michael Dell – Founder Dell Computers

Ronald Lauder

Ronald Lauder – Estee Lauder Cosmetics
David Sarnoff – Head of RCA
Irwin Jacobs – Founder Qualcomm Inc.
Mark Cuban – – HDTV, Owner Dallas Mavericks
Steve Ballmer – CEO Microsoft
Donna Karan – DKNY


Billy Crystal – Actor, Comedian
Adam Sandler – Actor Comedian
Better Midler – Actress, Singer
Jerry Lewis – Actor, Director, Writer, Musician, Comedian, Producer
Debra Messing – Actress
Dustin Hoffman – Actor
Mel Brooks – Writer, Director, Actor
Michael Douglas – Actor
Harrison Ford – Actor
Stanley Kubrick – Filmmaker
Houdini – Magician & escape artist
Goldie Hawn -Actress
Steven Spielberg Filmmaker, Movie Director
William Shatner – Actor
Richard Dreyfuss – Actor
Lorne Greene – Actor
Dr. Laura Schlesinger Radio Talk Show Host
Yves Montand – – French stage
Lauren Bacall – Actress
Jerry Seinfeld – Comedian, Actor
Jerry Stiller – Actor, Comedian
Leonard Nimoy – Actor
Art Garfunkel Singer (Simon and Garfunkel)
Paul Simon – Singer, Song Writer (Simon and Garfunkel)
Bob Dylan – Singer
Billy Crystal – Comedian Actor
George Burns Comedian/Actor:
Kirk Douglas Actor, Director, Writer, Producer
Michael Landon – Actor, Director, Writer, and Producer
Tony Curtis – Actor
Ernest Borgnine – Actor
Woody Allen – Producer, Director, Writer, Actor

Hopefully, you’ve been enlightened and have been informed by this listing. To find more information about the Contributions of Jewish People, refer to the following websites for additional information.

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