Dangerous Myths The Second Coming of Christ Imagine


Oh help! We are living at the end of days when the one that was named the Christ over 2,000 years ago is due back from having left the earth for his heavenly home. We’ve all been warned about the aliens, but this myth of a second coming – his arrival – is so impossible it’s dangerous!

Imagine anyone leaving a promise to earthlings that they would be back, and ever since those who believed such a hoax are still anxious to ‘stop the world I want to get off’? The unsettled desperation has led uncountable poor souls through this history of time to give up everything they possess, including family, in their preparedness for the takeoff.

All over the earth wherever Christendom has spread, the faithful continually become the royal carpet of expectation.

They are chosen with their prophets setting the very date to their own time-table, which even the angels in heaven do not know, let alone the Lord himself. While the disappointed flock is left with nothing, not even hope before they die.

This mythical man of his word has let them down time and time again, and yet the holier than thou increase with that same anticipation. The risk – it is concluded – was the false prophecy and not the Christ himself. He promised, and a thousand years expanded into space-time dimensions, extending that despair which could even become tomorrow, but a day away.

With the added embroidery of such an end came a desperate bid to keep the story alive, and signs to be aware of, became more evident.

Earthquakes, famine, floods, fire, death, and destruction invaded the planet with greater fear-filled fury, and every savage rage swept away lives and livelihood in their wake. But the horrors of hope with no end just fueled the holy terrors still to follow. Humanity had gone mad, and the only possible solution was the saints were about to be snatched out of a clutch of all non-believers.

Demented fools fed the vultures with their scaremongering in a cunning web of pretense, keeping their ever fattening funds alive with a mix of mass hysteria. The crescendo of anticipation found within each generation from the time of such conception became the cruelest hoax. Their Savior would not return to rescue them, and like everyone else, they would die.

Skeletons left in the closet of each new generation have doomed their gloom on all and sundry without mercy. It has left an unhealthy atmosphere of emotions that continue to spill-over into all realms of society where-ever anyone was not deserving of their hallowed story-line, and peaceful communities are disrupted because of the ill feelings it provokes.

Rumors have never stopped circulating, crushing any who have been let down.

The congregations of the saints’ dodgy plot to save the world from itself in the name of their sky lord’s arrival only lit the flame of the faithful invention of another impossible maneuver. To go meet him in the sky instead, and call it, ‘the rapture’.

This concoction has run rife with the insanity of an alien master, a champion who would sweep them all up in the air and carry them off to his new world, brainwashing the children of generations who followed. A deceitful inhumane and vicious expectation that has never existed in any reality of all human chronicles.

Next on the perilous list is the star-wars of earthlings against fictitious aliens in an army of white horses with their commando in the lead. When everyone is left with only an unrealistic myth we are all doomed to inherent lunacy!

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