Defending Agnosticism


Agnostic defined: a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience – (

I see the world around me, its beauty, complexity, and perfection.

After taking a low-level Biology course and learning about the chromosome and the cell, I have no doubt that such microscopic perfection is the work of a brilliant and logical creator. If a house cannot spontaneously build itself, it is a logical inference to assume that the complexities of the lowest forms of life cannot do so either. A being capable of such massive acts of creation such as the Milky Way as well as the infinitesimal attention to detail involved in the development of a zygote shows both a capacity for brilliance and pain-staking attention to detail.

I find it impossible, however, to take a being capable of such overwhelming greatness, and condense its essence to a book, no matter how inspired. I find it impossible to take such a being and distill its essence into a single doctrine or believe that all doctrines combined could capture the spirit of this being, so beyond our comprehension that we have yet to decode its smallest examples of creation.

An awe-inspiring universe!

In view of our awe-inspiring universe and humanity’s place as a child within it, the only logical path is agnosticism. The only statement that makes sense is “I don’t know what God is”. Being logical does not preclude the person from feeling a connection to the creator – that connection is available to us when we enjoy the examples of creativity around us, engage in the act of creation, or enjoy being alive.

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