Do Atheist have a Spirit Tarot for the Atheist might help them in some way


Atheists don’t believe in god, so it is up to them whether they want to believe in tarot or not. Atheists are usually very well educated people. They usually have studied many different religions and have made their own conclusion about their creator. Tarot can be another subject for them to learn from. Issues of choices, beginnings, and making peace with the past are all subjects addressed in tarot. An Atheist may want to add a Tarot to their repertoire of knowledge as a tool of guidance.

Tarot cannot tell you exact answers about anything, but then what in life is exact.

Sure a few things, but the point is that an atheist who does not have a temple, church, circle, or any other organized religion still needs to be guided through life.

Tarot may just be a simple nondenominational way of doing this. Tarot addresses subjects such as changing something in one’s life, dealing with emotional baggage and starting new. As well as, affirmation one is on the right track of fulfilling their destiny, going against tradition just maybe someone’s destiny. The tarot addresses many issues that school, parents, friends, and even religion may not address. Even something helps use it.

The tarot helps people open their minds of spiritual matters that everyday life may not help with. Yes, an atheist even though they don’t believe in god most probably still has a spirit. The creator still cares even if people don’t care for the creator. Tarot may allow for an atheist to tap into matters of which they are concerned about as in their destiny, love life, or trouble with an everyday problem.

Tarot is a matter of listening and learning.

No one has to believe anything that they don’t want to, but it certainly makes for a more interesting person when they are willing to listen, are strong enough with their own beliefs, and learn from someone or something that is different from them.

Tarot is simply reading and the person being read has a question in mind

The cards will address the question or if the energy of something else is surrounding the cards what shows up in the reading may be addressing a stronger issue than what the person had in mind. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the creator so tarot just may be a helpful tool to an atheist who may not believe there is a person up in the sky, but still, have a spiritual side.

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