Duality and Creation where are Heaven and Hell


Heaven and Hell are Christian concepts of the afterlife.

They are either side of the same coin.  They exist in the duality of their explanations.

The religion teaches us to live without sin and then heaven is a reward.  Hell is the punishment when we fail.

We might consider that to learn a lesson we must strive for and on occasion attain the heights of our endeavours.  The learning is most often in missing the mark (the definition of sin). The earth’s life purpose are lessons to spiritualize the soul.

The afterlife, on the other hand, is a progressive step from human life on earth into spirit life beyond.  We are made up of body, mind, and spirit functioning on the earth plane in a balance of the energies of each aspect.  We are all energy after all.

Spirit Leaves Body on Death

It has been measured that something leaves the body on death.  If we consider that the spirit/soul has accumulated its earth plane lessons and is ready to progress, the afterlife is spiritual existence.

With space travel, we have come to learn there is no ‘out there’ for our heaven or hell.  There is only our state of mind.  We can choose to live in a heavenly manner for all our lessons, or we can live in hell.  Hell is our judgment of all our activities as good or evil.  It is only human beings that put so much effort into judging their own lessons and existence.

Let’s bring heaven and hell into our existence then, right now, right here.

We just woke up to greet our day.  Our mind fills with negativity immediately.  It actually takes a real effort to think positively. That is the first step.

Rush is the order for getting into our day.  Perhaps we need to wake up a little earlier to give ourselves the time and energy to take our time and enjoy each step; that nice shower of warm water.  And give thanks and blessings to all our benefits.

Instead of setting an agenda for your day as you drive to work, why not try just looking at the scenery and actually seeing the loveliness of your world.  And give thanks and blessings to all our benefits.

Small changes to be sure.  But attitude is everything.  You can enter the same work, but with a renewed attitude and find so much of a blessing for your efforts.

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