Ways religion can divide people


Religion has been the source of heated debate for thousands of years. Civilizations have gone to war over religion. There are a few examples of how religion can cause division among individual people and even whole societies.

Each country, region and even state has slightly different interpretations of holy scripts like the Bible and the Qur’an. Each religious text has obvious differences based on culture and region. Each text also has some striking similarities to the other.

Everyone thinks they are correct

They divided into groups and formed churches and other religious places of worship. Cultures have their own ways of explaining religious events. Some have started wars because they believe they are correct and the rest of the world is wrong.

The Christian Crusades are only one example of this. Many religious groups have tried to convert others to their way of interpreting religion. Religious wars are not just an unfortunate part of world history; wars still occur today.

Traditional faiths have sub-faiths

That is why there are Christian, Methodist, Baptist, and Protestant churches, for example. All of them have the same basic teachings; however, each has slight differences. Just enough of a difference, that each one has to have its own church and way of presenting the teachings.

Each religious group thinks their way is the best way, and often the people belonging to the groups shun other ways of faith. They either shun or try to convert people who don’t believe as they do. This causes big divisions in societies. If some people don’t go to a place of worship, they are often considered “heathens” and “without God.” If some people don’t look a certain way and talk a certain way, they are shunned from the organized religious groups.

Faith can separate neighbors

One church’s way of believing separates its congregation from the one just across the street. Religion can divide families, friends, and neighborhoods. People sometimes won’t even speak to someone of a different faith than themselves.

Some people have been singled out and attacked because of the way they believe. Children suffer injustices at school and in their neighborhoods due to what their family believes. This behavior not only divides people, but it also teaches intolerance to the children.

Religious faith in itself is not bad or negative. In fact, having faith can help some people live calm and peaceful lives. Faith can bring some people through extremely difficult times as well as helping to celebrate good times. Faith can help some families’ bonds grow stronger

Most religions teach that people are supposed to love and help their neighbors. By separating from each other, people are doing the exact opposite. Care, compassion and acceptance are also common religious teachings that somehow get thrown on the back burner.

Most religions have basic common factors. However, the names used and the locations where events took place (according to holy texts) make a difference to people. It’s all the details that get people on different sides of the religious fence. Instead of seeing the similarities in each other’s religious beliefs and doctrines, people fight over the details.

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