Everyone actually is an Atheist


The question of whether or not everyone is an Atheist is a question of definition rather than limited application. The definition of an atheist has far more to do with the application of behavior than it has to the declaration of the individual.

Christians and their beliefs

If this approach is taken then it is virtually impossible to be behaviorally truthful. If the tenets of the “faith” or belief system declared are not or cannot be practiced then the declaration is false. The proposition is thus…..for example…. Christians profess to “believe” in the teachings of the Christ figure in their religion. However, if they were to follow the written word regarding their wealth they, in fact, could not reap the rewards offered them even if it were shown that they were readily available through physical evidence. They MUST, in fact, in practice, and in accordance with the teachings of their religion, give up their wealth to the poor. Simple…..but predictably impossible. It matters not who the leaders of their Christian faiths are……..the Pope, the Graham character, the Canterbury Bishop or anyone else. What matters is whether or not they have surrendered their physical wealth to the poor or not.

Read your Bible and discover if this is not so.

There are I’m sure a thousand apologetic excuses for wealth but they are not expressed in the book that they so wholeheartedly use as a primary pillar of their so-called faith. This is only one of many examples.

Another is the false assumption that it is possible to “Love thine enemy” or even your neighbor. The most obvious examples of this are the various wars that the churches enthusiastically supported and the various disasters here in America where the neighbors of the victims took full advantage of the Katrina hurricane, the Andrew hurricane, the Hugo hurricane to enrich themselves via the money available either through insurance companies, FEMA or the willingness of people to pay from their savings to repair and recover. Ask the question regarding the amount of money donated relative to the wealth of the nation…what is the difference between them? The probability is billions to one. Ten percent is a safe figure but compared to the number of “Christians” a very rare one indeed. I’m sure this christ figure would have frowned on the cheap and tawdry donations that went into alleviating any one of those disasters. There are many other “acts of gods” that go on ignored by the so-called religious.

From this point of view there is no such thing as a religious person.

There is no evidence to show that the religious adhere to the tenets of their so-called faith.

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