Gemini Astrology (May 22 – June 21)


Gemini sign (May 22 – June 21) is the third sign of the zodiac. It’s a masculine sign meaning they are more active and less receptive. They usually focus on spiritual and mental world. It is ruled by Mercury, which is considered a quick and lively planet. Thus they are communicative, witty, ingenious people, always ready to be on the move but also tend to get bored quite easily. They love to talk and they can never be a boring company, and they just don’t talk nonsense. Their talk is guided by their intellectual mind. They probe into things and acquire knowledge about them and enjoy sharing them with their closed ones. They are intellectually inclined and very focused on developing good relationships. They are easily adaptable to the changing environment and comfortable with change and are versatile, in fact they go looking for change and can’t hang on to one place for a long time. Their highly developed communication skill helps them to formulate complex ideas and interpret complex symbols. Symbolized by the sign of the twins, it represents duality, thus they possess talent for multi tasking and can relate to opposite visions without much difficulty. Being a mix of yin and yang they have the ability to analyse an issue from both the sides. But since they tend to easily flip sides, it might make them look fickle and restless. They have a curious mind and they love mental exploration. Since they love to talk, they enjoy any kind of conversation, be it gossip or other intellectual debates. But they tend to lose their attention too easily and do not remain attached to one place or one thing for a long time. They also have difficulty in expressing their emotions. Geminis are star in any social function since they love talking to people and are charming and congenial. Not only they love to talk but they also love to listen and can be great listeners. They can be very good friends, the one to be fun to be around with. They are loyal, always there to listen and entertain you with all the latest gossip. They give good advice and are encouraging; however they may not be the ones you want to share your emotional problems with, since they are not so strong on the emotional side. They judge people on the basis of how they treat them, and fail to look deep into the person. They usually hide their temperament and emotions and always appear to be happy and stress free. They love going from one place to another and provide people with all sorts of information. That’s a true Gemini.

Gemini Birthstone – Emerald

Gemini are a Mutable sign and their element is Air. These personalities are everything and their opposite. Highly intellectual, they need news and cerebral stimulation like oxygen.Emerald, the Gemini birthstone, improves faculties related to brain such as memory, communication, intuition, the intellect, and the ability to learn. This is normally petal green or dark green in color. Green for a man signifies joy and hope; for a woman, ambition and change.Emerald is a hot gem. It increases intelligence and brain power, removes and cures fickle-mindedness, loss of memory, stammering, fear from souls and spirits, cools the harsh speech. Emerald is believed to cure eye problems, aid the liver, and guard against fits and convulsions.One of the interesting observations about Emerald is that it is not prescribed for newly-wed couples. It is said that newly married couples should not use it as it impairs conjugal happiness due to reduction in sexual desires. Once the relationship is underway, wear emerald to protect it, enhance fertility and ease childbirth when that baby comes.It is also useful for curing diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis, peptic ulcer, asthma, insomnia, heart troubles, etc. Emerald should be used in gold of 3, 5, 7 or 10 grams on 4th finger of right hand on Wednesday. An Emerald wearer is likely to get sufficient wealth.

Positive qualities of Gemini

Gemini are communicative, playful, energetic, clever, witty, adaptable, dexterity, talented, good speakers.

Negative qualities of Gemini

nervousness, tense, inconsistent, superficial, has dual persona, restless, indecisive, lacks commitment and loyalty.

Some of the important things associated with Gemini Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol Ruling Planet Element Motto Lucky Colours Lucky flowers Birthstone
The twins Mercury Air ‘I think’ Yellow, light blue, green Lilac, azalea, lily Pearl and Agate

Love life

Geminis are not the ones from the romantic lot however their pleasant and sharp social skills is definitely an added advantage to woo their lovers. They are huge flirts and they love playing around with love. Their curious and adventurous side makes them a fun partner to be with. Being fickle they tend to fall in and out of love. They are not the ones to stay in a relationship for a long period of time and do not commit easily. Being adventurous they want to experience everything before they choose to settle down. They just want a fun loving partner who likes variety in life and does not follow the same routine everyday. Being emotionally challenged they may not be so expressive about their love. They dislike possessive and jealous partners. Geminis males capture the attention of the females through their superior communicative skills. Their approach to love is through fun and adventure. They make people fall in love with them with their clever communicative skills however they don’t want to hang on to one relationship for long. Gemini females are charming, witty and provocative. They too don’t prefer long term relationship and tend to drift away if their partner fails to keep they amused. Geminis stay away from relations that restrict them or confine them in any ways.

Professional life

Being highly communicative and outgoing, Geminis prefer careers that gives them an opportunity to experience change, adventure and something that doesn’t confine them to one place all the time. Some of the most suitable career options for them would be journalism, exploration, novelist, public relations, market research, musician, salesperson, accounting, photography, translator, merchant, psychology, psychiatry, artist, writer etc. Since they are intelligent and highly communicative a career in media and communication industry would be ideal for them. Job of a journalist or a reporter, which involves meeting new people, going to new places, covering new stories everyday would be the ideal one to suit the personality of a true Gemini. Gemini male prefer professions that allows them to freely use their mental freedom and express their opinions. Gemini women prefer jobs that involve writing and speaking. Thus they would be ideal as writers, teachers, journalist, translator, etc. However they are not overly ambitious and thus not interested in doing overtimes. Due to lack of consistent focus they might lose interest in a project before they complete them.

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini is usually compatible with other air signs. They have the highest compatibility with libra and aquarius, high compatibility with aries, virgo, leo, sagittarius, pisces and scorpio and are least compatible with virgo, taurus, cancer and capricorn.


Gemini’s are prone to diseases and injuries related to lungs, hand, arms, thymus glands and upper ribs since they rule these body parts. Thus they need to be careful with these parts. They should avoid smoking. Since they move from one idea to another and mutually conflicting goals, they might be prone to mental distraction.

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