God and Language


Prayer is talking to God one on one. At least that’s the best kind of prayer, but if a penitent isn’t able to think of meaningful words to communicate with the Lord, prayers already in existence are available. The best one of these, for Christians, is The Lord’s Prayer. There are others thought up by saints and other historical holy people that are meaningful and seem to fit perfectly when one’s own words are inadequate.

God Listens Always

God, however, is always ready to listen to whatever sincere words his children speak to him. And since he already has a one-on-one line to each of them and knows what they need before they ask, there’s no need to worry that the message may be misconstrued. And that’s where individual languages come in.

A person thinks best when thinking in his or her own language, whether that be English, Italian, French or any number of other languages inhabitants the world over use to communicate with their neighbors.

God Understands

No matter how simple or how complex the plea or the adoration maybe, God understands. Although the ceremony is necessary and a must for the wider view, God sees the heartfelt love, desire, agony, need of all who call on him. He wants no pretense, and, when a humble servant of the Lord asks him for help in his or her own language, he knows this is straight from the heart. Even if these people are unable to speak any language, are mute, deaf or somehow otherwise unable to verbally communicate, he interprets their thoughts. How can that be, you ask?

God is Perfect

God is perfect, he is all-knowing and he is available to his children. They, in turn, are a mixture of good and bad, and God is available to see that the good overshadows. In fact, at birth, the purpose of life, according to reliable sources, is to “love God, serve him and to be happy with him in heaven.” It does not matter what language is spoken; God has a way of knowing the concerns of the person.

Language is not necessarily built-in, but an infant responds to the language that is heard. All the sounds heard begin to make sense, and soon the child begins to imitate the sound heard and to make references to what each sound means. Therefore, even if a child has the potential of parents from another language, if at birth he is taken into another language home, the child will learn from the language heard. Therefore, the conclusion from that is God has an inside link to everyone, no matter what language family they have been adopted into.

“God creates everyone in his own image” is a large statement and is often misunderstood. Questions may arise that those who don’t believe in his goodness ask: Why is there such inequality among people if God is a just God? No one can know specifically the answer to all these puzzling questions, but they can rest assured God knows the answer, and, if the questioner is sincere and will take the matter up with him, in time he will find an answer that will fit his purpose specifically.

Of course, it’s troublesome to be humbled by one’s incapacity to know and to understand God’s purpose for everyone, including themselves, but, since each person is born for a specific purpose, that fits well with God’s plan of salvation; in other words, don’t try to figure out why so and so do what they do that you cannot sanction, be more concerned about your intrusiveness into affairs that belong only to God and to each particular person under his care. Be helpful but not overly curious and trust in the Lord with your whole heart, and ask him where you can help. Don’t try to direct the answers in your favor.

What does all the above rhetoric have to do with languages?

Everything. Language is nothing more than a way to get in touch with others; God didn’t assign each a language; he left the problem of communication up to them, and therefore each group, in their own territory, found ways of making each uttered sound, each throat clearing, each gargle, each tongue twirl, mean something. Isn’t that amazing? And to think it all came about because God created such an amazing world and one he loved so much he wanted each to love him back equally. They can only do that by thinking in their own particular language.

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