God’s reflection in adversities How do you know you are living out the love of God?


Look at the picture intently. These flowers no matter how limited they are, or wherever they may bloom, still reflect Father’s glory.

Many religious writings tackle about the love of God, merciful God, gracious God, and forgiving God (yes, that is 100 percent truth); and yet few writings emphasize on the wrath of God—and Him being a Judge. Only a few elaborate the reality of hell, the sting of sin, and the certainty of death.

It appears in those writings that whatever men would do and what evilness men would accept, God will forgive them. In truth that is called “men’s conceit and arrogance.” You make God as your slave. As if, Father only exists to forgive men’s evilness.

God will never be called Judge if He allowed sin.

No thinking can escape Him. God did not allow sin nor he had any connection with sin (because when you say “allow,” there is a consent, leading or blessing to sin; in other words, there is the connection between sin and God.) When you say Father gave you consent or blessing to sin against Him and against men, then who do you think is your father?

Father in heaven gives men the freedom to choose Him or to choose evil

Father in heaven gives men the freedom to choose Him or to choose evil— Father lets the people choose his own fate. God had nothing to do with those people crucifying Jesus on the cross, nor all the killings of God’s people. God’s people are people who made their own decision to honor and give glory to Him instead of embracing sin, despite cruelty from men. They stand with Father in Heaven and Father in Heaven stands with them. Father did not allow nor give them blessing to kill Jesus to fulfill what is said in the Bible. He did not even give a blessing to the devil to tempt Jesus. Father in heaven trusted Jesus (of course He knew Him). It is only the devil’s choice to tempt Jesus and there’s no agreement between the devil and Father in heaven. But then Jesus answered the devil, “kneel before your Lord; and do not test your God.”

You cannot see the glory, the honor, the grace, the mercy, and the love of Father in Heaven when you only do is ask forgiveness—ask, and ask and ask. The Father’s people stand up against the temptation of the devil, decide to give praises to His name, choose Father against the devil.

The implication of this message to you now is something not real, but when you actually experience the wrath of Father, then that’s the time you’ll realize that Father in Heaven is not only merciful but also just.

A verse from the Bible will confirm this: “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, for those whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” In this sentence you can see the merciful Father, yet also the Judge after all. And this will never change— whoever believes will not perish but for those who do not will. The Bible also said that do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul, but be afraid to the One who can put your body and soul in hell. That is the reality of Father’s kingdom and hell. And you cannot change the truth. As the Word became man, these verses will also come to exist.

Remember the sting of sin is death. And the strength of sin comes from the law. What does it mean? How do you know you are committing the most hideous crime? Usually, people used to get mad about the killings or crimes that were seen on the television. Yes, those were evil. Seeing those ferocities, you uplifted yourself as a “very good man.”

There are two greatest commandments summarized by Jesus—Love God above all things and love your neighbor. How are you sure you are following the first greatest commandment? Do you really love Father above all things (even beyond on your pride and selfishness)? Do you actually believe and execute the commandments written by Him? Are you using and putting the name of Father in heaven in shame and in vain— claiming there are other gods that can provide people their needs; claiming that their works are works of God? Remember the golden sheep. Those people connected the characteristics of God who saved them to a sheep, that’s why they made a golden sheep, but the golden sheep did not exist and did not actually save them (Father in heaven and Jesus are not found on things but on the Word). These are all included in the violation of the first greatest commandment. A man who doesn’t love Father is unable to love neighbor—there’s no love in that, but pure deception. Now tell me, are those people who disgrace Father are not sinners to the highest degree? That is the strength of the sin; it comes from the violation of the law and the confirmation of death.

Those people who lived in the Old Testament were under the law.

Father gave them the Ten Commandments and God’s friends in their journey in life. The connection in the New Testament is Jesus who summarizes the law. Jesus said, “No one comes to Father except through me.” That’s why people who live after the arrival of Jesus in the New Testament are under grace and whoever believes and acknowledges the power of Christ Jesus will be called sons of Father in heaven and not sons of the devil.

Father lets temptations to exist, but Father does not lead you to sin nor give you blessing to sin; it’s only your own decision when you decide to embrace the sin—and you have the full knowledge of all the consequences of all your actions—you decide to dishonor Father in heaven, and consequently you choose death. It is your sole decision and without Father in heaven’s blessing and permission.

Many will find this article morbid. But the reality of life and death are true and real. If you’re a Christian, you’ll determine Father’s mercy in Jesus who died on the cross, and the triumph and life in his resurrection.

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