The Constitutional Clash Between Atheism and Religion


The conflict between organized religious groups and atheism in America continues to grow every day. Atheism is in itself is a form of religion. Many times atheists in America form groups and organize themselves in such ways as to appear like religious sects. Groups formed by atheists lobby, protest, and petition for laws and regulations to disallow prayer in public schools and any practice of religion in community settings. Atheists argue that their constitutional rights are being infringed upon by permitting school children of any religious beliefs to say prayers while attending public schools in America. Acting as political lobbyists, atheist groups attempt to influence legislation concerning the public display of religious objects, sculptures, and signs. The opposite is true for those people representing the pro-religious side of this war.

Religious groups maintain that it is a violation of their constitutional rights to prevent their children from praying or meditating in public schools. They protest and petition the legislators for laws and regulations that allow for prayer in our nation’s public school systems. Religious groups may hold rallies in front of government agencies against the abolition of the use of the bible or other religious texts in community courts or other governmental proceedings.

America has reached a crossroads in the decades-old conflict between religion and atheism.

A compromise is acceptable to both groups that still upholds the constitution of the United States must be found to resolve the ongoing conflict between the two. It seems that both sides in this conflict have taken up swords that bear the same inscriptions upon them.

While they wave swords at each other inscribed with the saying, “Separation of church and state” they forget that we are a society based on giving and take.

Compromises that allow each of the two groups to have a little of what they’ve been asking for would aid in resolving the disagreements that currently exists in communities across America. The feud cannot end without each of the factions gaining something from any new legislation introduced into law. Atheists must be respected in public places while religious groups should be allowed to say prayers or read religious texts in specified areas of schools or other public places. Atheists and religious groups can be pacified if they agree to give as well as take in any law that is put before the legislators to be voted on.

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