Exploring the Question of Freedom Offered by Atheism


Atheism offers freedom in the relationship to the God theories of the world today. Atheism being the denial of the existence of God and presuming the theory is that no religion or spirituality is acceptable as true or believable. Atheism then on those grounds or terms would allow much freedom from various types of binding elements given in the religions of the world. Much of religion and religious ways of formal means has had to do, in the past with formal expectations of church and ceremony attendance, participation in events according to religious status and convening in church business affairs or partying with other church members at responsible times in responsible ways. These varying attendances require much of the participants’ time and although they may be enjoyable to the devoted, one can see that in the research of freedom as opposed to involvement or time consumption by one who wishes choice, that atheism might afford a different and less amount of consumption of time thereby creating a sort of ‘freedom effect’. This, of course, applies to utilizing time and having ‘free time’. Here in this hypothesis we can see the freedoms of the physical elements of time and bodily output.

Freedom – mental, emotional, philosophical and psychological

Atheism also provides a type of mental and emotional freedom and a philosophical and psychological freedom. Religion requires that one believes the belief of the church involved and that does require learning and application within the life of the church acceptable endeavors. Certain emotions usually are expected by the church towards other members and the rest of the world. And the philosophical and psychological makeup of the church principle and stories that may have to be adhered to as accepted by the person, bind and close in the person toward the aspects of the particular church that has been chosen.

Atheism in its allowance of personal freedom and choice though, at this time seems to offer no supportive groups to join together in an effort to provide similar companionship however, it is possible that in the freedom atheism offers, the independent person who requires no support, may be found.

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