Questioning whether the Concept of God – Acceptance on God’s existence


Can God be disproved? Can God be proved?

Can we fully understand God (or the lack thereof) sufficiently to answer those questions?

One might just as well ask an ant in an ant farm to explain the existence of an enormous being that seems to exist beyond the invisible walls of the ant farm world. Humans have always wanted to understand God. The problem is we’re trying to understand a Being that is, by His very nature and definition, beyond our understanding.

Logic is a human invention.

We use it to explain, at least in a limited sense, our universe, and how things work. How then can we use a human invention to understand God, who is beyond human? It’s like using a ruler to measure infinity. Any scientific study of God we might undertake to prove or disprove His existence is already doomed to failure due to the limitations of our own understanding.

For example, back in the 1970’s, a group of scholars and theologians came together, calling themselves the Jesus Seminar. Their initial task was to try to discover “the historical Jesus”. They examined the Gospels to determine whether the things written about Jesus were historical fact or fabrication. Now understand that much of what is written about Jesus in the Gospels describes miracles or His claims of being the Son of God. The Jesus Seminar determined that most of what Jesus allegedly said and did was fiction. Here’s the difficulty: these scholars went into the study with the preconceived notion that miracles don’t exist. Where’s the objectivity in that? That’s like asking someone who’s colour-blind to study rainbows.

A similar difficulty occurs in the debate between Creation and Evolution.

As far as I know, the Theory of Evolution is still a theory. It’s never been proved. And yet, it’s used as a basis for scientific study. So what happens when a discovery is made that seems to suggest the earth is only a few thousand years old (instead of billions)? You can imagine many well-meaning scientists saying, “Well, that can’t be true because we already know the earth is several billion years old”. Our preconceived notions and our limited understanding are barriers to understanding the unknown.
So it is when we try to prove or disprove God. Our tools are inadequate. If I assert that God exists, it is by faith. And not because I can prove it, but because it’s worth believing.

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