Hanukkah Family Games


One Hanukkah tradition includes playing games with chocolate coins called gelt.

There are a couple of games you can play with the kids using these chocolate coins.

The first game will require masking tape, a beanbag or rolled up socks, foil-wrapped chocolate coins. Use the tape to make a large Star of David on the floor. Have the child stand a few feet away from the star and drop-kick the beanbag toward the star, aiming for the center. You award points, 5 if it lands in the center, 2 if it lands on the triangles formed by the star’s points, and 1 if it lands outside the star completely. Now have the child throw the beanbag while jumping up and down in place. Come up with new ways for the kids to try to toss, throw and kick the beanbag. You could try backward over their heads, upside down and through their legs, there are many new ways you can come up with. Once all of the children have had their turn, award each child with a chocolate coin that reaches a predetermined point total.

Gelt Hide and Seek

Another game you could play with the gelt is Hide and Seek. While the kids are out or busy with other activities, hide gelt around the house in different spots. Call the kids in and tell them how many pieces have been hidden and send them on a seeking mission to locate the coins. The child with the most coins wins the game.

Dreidel game

The dreidel game is played by giving each player 20 pennies or you could use gelt instead. Have each player put 2 pennies in the pot. A player then spins the dreidel. The letter facing up when it stops will tell you what to do.

Num do nothing Gimel – take everything Hey take half the pot Shin put one penny in the pot Throughout the game, ask players to count pennies. The game ends when one player has all of the pennies or gelt.

Musical dreidel

Musical dreidel is another game using the dreidel. Have the children sit in a circle on the floor and give one child the dreidel to start. Play music while the children pass the dreidel to one another. When the music stops, the child holding the dreidel is out and must tell a fact about the dreidel before leaving the game. The game continues until only one child is left and they are the winner.

Game adults can get in on is Hanukkah anagrams.

Give each of them a pen and paper. Then give them a word associated with Hanukkah, it can be anything form menorah to dreidel. Then instruct them to come up with as many new words using only the letters from the given word as possible. The person who has the newest words is declared the winner.

There are many puzzles and other party games that can be enjoyed during the Hanukkah season. Many games that are played during other times of the year can be adapted to fit the Hanukkah Holiday.

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