Hebrew Names for Girls


If you are of the Hebrew faith, you may want to give your newborn child a name in accordance to the religion. Today, depending on what part of the world you live in, you should have easy access to the Internet. There are various websites that you can frequent if you need to find the right Hebrew name for a newborn girl or a character for a story you are creating that is Hebrew. You can visit various sites that have compiled databases on names.

Database Names for Hebrew Girls

As Kate Monk, the person in charge had spent many years compiling the ever-growing database of names. Originally, this was a database for those that play table-top role-playing games such as “Dungeons & Dragons,” for those that need ideas for names to give their characters. However, you can still refer to this database for Hebrew girl names. In the case of Jewish names, the site has a specific section for such names and is divided into various sub-sections.

Kate Monk’s Onomastikon is a website that you should periodically check. This is a site that is updated with new names. If a new Hebrew name is discovered, it probably will be put into this database.

The second website would be on About.com, in which there are popular biblical names and modern Hebrew names.

The third website to visit is “learn-hebrew-names.com” in which all names are listed alphabetically from “A” to “Z.” The names are also in Hebrew text. Besides each name, there is the meaning behind it. This should give you an idea of how to narrow down names to give to your newborn girl.

The name Adi

For example, there is the name “Adi” listed which has the definition of “jewel” or “ornament.”

The website also separates Hebrew names by plants, cosmology, feelings, personal traits, geography, lights, colors, historical eras, and so forth. For that reason, you should explore that website for a good Hebrew name for a girl.

So far, these are three websites you should consider looking at. If you need ideas, you cannot go wrong with those three websites. Of course, you can still search online via Google, Bing, or some other search engine to find other Hebrew name databases.

You may want to visit both the first and third website for a good Hebrew girl’s name.

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