Hinduism Characteristics and Attributes of Ram


Ram is considered as the pious and foremost of all the Avataras (manifestation of Lord Vishnu on earth) in Hinduism. He is the ideal son, brother, and husband. He lived his whole life for truth and took personal pains for the greater good of his citizens.

Ram – a right-natured and none equaled him in virtue

Ram was sent to the forests by his stepmother Kaikeyee in order to make her son Bharath, the future King of Ayodhya. Bharath refused to be the king and instead placed the sandals of Ram on the throne and waited for him for fourteen long years to come back. This shows the affections of brothers to each other in India and Hinduism in particular. This story of Ram and his three brothers has been inspiring millions of generations even today.

What are the basic principles of Ram?

The basic principles of Ram are one wife, one word and one arrow. His consort Sita is also the righteous lady who is considered to be the daughter of mother earth. She overcomes great suffering at the hands of Ravan, the demon and also after coming to Ayodhya, she was left in the forest for the sake of setting an example for the right conduct.

Hanuman is the greatest disciple of Ram and considered immortal. Although he was born with the blessings of Lord Shiva, he himself is the most powerful man on the earth, he always liked to be called Ram bakht Hanuman (Hanuman, the disciple of Ram)’. His nature was always to help the good and to show humility to others. He is considered to be the favorite god among children who aspire to do good and perform greater tasks.

Although Laxman was one of the brothers of Ram, he needs special mention since he left his wife Urmila in Ayodhya and followed in the footsteps of his brother Ram to forests for fourteen long years. He always treated himself as a servant to Ram rather than his brother. He went to the extreme limits of sacrificing his life whenever required for his brother Ram.

Thus, the story of Ram still inspires the generations and it is also told and retold in many other nations besides India:  Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We can find temples built for him in every nook and corner of India and even in the remotest of the villages. Thus, he can be considered as one of the binding forces of India in spite of differences of language, culture, customs, etc. Thus, there is no doubt that Lord Ram could be considered as the beacon light of Hindu religion and culture.

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