Understanding why there is Suffering in the World


Life is a balance.

Good cannot exist without evil, rich without poor, light without dark. To help us appreciate the beautiful aspects of life, we must experience hardships to fully understand the difference. We would never know what light as if there was no darkness to compare it to.

Bad things happen whether through direct consequences of our actions, or through devastatingly random events, and when they do the universal question we all ask is,

“Why me? Why do bad things happen to me?”

Sometimes people suffer to learn a valuable life lesson, something that could not have been taught except through burden. Most often we suffer as an example to others. Sometimes our misfortune helps them recognize life lessons in their own life. A child with cancer may have nothing to learn or gain from the experience, but that same child may teach others about compassion, love, acceptance and letting go. Suffering is there to guide us through life so we can value joy and grow from our troubles.

Do not, for one second, think that we are alone in our suffering.

Everyone suffers from something. It is often said, “do not wish to trade your burdens with others because you will find theirs a heavier load.” Trust that God will not give us more than we can handle. He knows our capabilities and guides us through our misery with love and compassion. Let us not forget that he cares for us, and wants to help us succeed.

Our suffering is only made worse through denial of God and his love. Reach out and allow him to help us see through the dark, to find, in each of us, our light.

Suffering also breeds compassion.

When you know what it is like to suffer in some way, you recognize it in others and in turn begin to help them through their sorrow. Would any of us help others if none of us knew compassion?

Do not give power to your difficulties by focusing on them.

Do not feed the cycle by returning it to others. Do not forget to see the joy in life even when faced with adversity. Many are consumed with negativity and never grow from their pain. Try to learn from what is happening so you do not get sucked a consuming mentality of bitterness. According to the balance, something good must always come from something bad. Faith in that truth eases the bitterness of sorrow and of anger. Keep your face to the light.

Suffering is a part of God’s world and has a unique purpose in our lives.

We can each choose to end the suffering, or we can add to it by burdening others. As part of the circle and part of the balance, life without suffering in some way would not be life. We are not robots to regurgitate all that is taught to us, instead, we are pliable and must continue on our journey to grow and become spiritual through the light and the darkness of our days. Keep the faith and carry on. God is with you.

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