Space Messenger


Far away in the universe, maybe in a constellation, maybe in another galaxy but somewhere out in that beautiful cosmos there was stirring and a voice said.

“It is your time to travel and check on what I have made son. I have already sent some of your brothers out to do this work but you have not been yet. Let me tell you that you may encounter opposition from some of the people I created long ago. They are very proud and will not welcome a stranger who tells them to step down from the high positions they have created for themselves. I have prepared your soul journey and you will be reborn and grow within the society you visit so that they know you as one of them until your mission starts. Do not fear death for I am with you and we have everlasting life, but if it does happen I will send a lightship for you to leave soon after I have brought you back to life.

Preaching the message of Peace

You will be known as Jesus and I want you to try and preach a message of peace to those warring people in Israel for they have forgotten the humble and poor and stick rigidly to their rule books of life.

Teach them how to care for their neighbors and to give instead of taking. I can see what the Pharisees and Sadducees are doing in Israel where I am sending you and it is disobedient and wrong to control the people through fear. The rest of the world is okay, why, the aborigines of Australia that I made thousands of years ago are very grateful for the land I gave them and respect it enormously. They are amusing and quite childlike as they see me as some sort of Rainbow Serpent which doesn’t worry me because I just love the way they look after everyone in their communities, especially the elderly.

Now go my son and walk through that time gate over there and you will experience a short but pleasant feeling of transformation and then you will wake as a baby. I have chosen a young girl, called Mary, to look after you and be your mother, rather like ‘Goddess’ you have known here all these years. Call on me anytime you need to and try and encourage those people in that desert, not the Australian desert. I ‘ll send you there one day you will like the fun the aborigines have with their corroborees. You see they don’t have any priests getting in the way of my message and they are sharing and happy.”

Jesus a Hero

Everything transpired just as the Great Creator and his wife had said and Jesus was picked up by a lightship, or as the earthlings called it a U.F.O., from within a cloud above what they have now called Ascension mount in Jerusalem.

Though Jesus failed in Israel which has got slowly worse since he left, his message from his father spread throughout the world from the moment he departed and many folks who try to lead a good life now remember him as a hero in their favorite story of his life, charisma, and miracles.

Jesus – a messenger from space

Yes, Jesus was a messenger from space who arrived on a soul journey, gave us a message of peace looking like a modern-day hippie. We dig you Jesus, the first visitor from a place where life is everlasting and there is peace. Didn’t you say, “I go to prepare a place for you and in my Father’s house there are many mansions”? Can’t wait to see you again, you messenger from God!

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