Atheism Suffering


Religion has caused much strife and conflict since the very beginning, even all the way back to ancient civilization.  It stunts intellectual growth and hinders human interaction. It is the cause of narrow-minded people, and in almost all cases attempts to limit or even prohibit the pursuit of gratification (sexual, or even physical). On a larger scale, it even causes the “justified” death of innocent people. Look at 9/11, the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, and all the car-bombs and suicide bombers. All in the name of Allah, the Lord, God. These are the direct result of religion. These are the direct result of believers of religion, theists.

Theists have fought with each other since the beginning of religion.

Why is this? The ultimate goal of every theist is not really to pursue the goal of their religion, but rather to convert more people. They wish to promote their religion and gain more followers. It is this process itself that is self-destructive, and thus, stupid. When theists promote their religion, they automatically exclude others. And this causes conflicts. Look at the Crusades, which is basically Theists killing another group of Theists. In essence, both groups (Christians and Muslims) destroying each other due to self-promotion and exclusion. Now take out their Gods and their beliefs in religion. There would be no reason to fight for “the Holy Land” (what a silly idea!)

Not only do theists of a certain religion only fight with theists of another religion.

In fact, conflicts within a certain religion happen just as much. Theists fight over who will be the next “prophet,” or the next “chosen one.” In the Islamic world, the Shi’ites and the Sunnis have been slaughtering each other for countless years over the next prophet, or caliph in this case. Internal conflicts for power happen just as often as external conflicts; in fact, much more than one would think.

Theism drains funding and resources from all sources (government, people, etc.) It takes selfish money for its own self-promotion and also to build rather useless buildings, statues, and large monuments. This money could be used for education, research, food for the needy, hospitals, etc. The list could honestly go on and on. Instead, this money goes to a “community” where people fight each other.

I’m telling you, the reader, my humble opinion on this topic. If you are a theist, I’m not telling you to give up your religion. But take a moment to consider what I said. Atheists choose to ignore the “God” that calls for needless fighting and selfishness. So why do you commit yourself to such a destructive God? Think about it.

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