Should ones Faith Influence a Citizens Vote – Yes


God, what a notion, let faith guide decision-making!

Wouldn’t follow the counsel of a GEICO caveman, a celebrity like Paris Hilton, a pro athlete like Michael Vick, or anyone with the foresight of George W. Bush be wiser?

How about spreading out a sample ballot and voting for the candidates and issues the pet doesn’t pee on?

Not a religious person, I believe the Ten Commandments are wonderful guides to decisions. Knowing the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the teachings of Buddha, or the tenants of just about any other faith is to know right from wrong and to have insight into people grand and meek.

Should one’s faith influence a citizen’s vote?

Questions like, “Should one’s faith influence a citizen’s vote?” arise in forums not because there is, inherently, anything wrong with faith influencing how a citizen votes.

Faith has a bad rap.

You and I believe.

What we believe is likely different. People are the same. They need to believe in something more than themselves, that there is more to them, their existence and life than is readily apparent. This need is fulfilled differently.

Many since way before Jesus Christ cast the money-lenders from the temple have taken advantage of the need to believe and, particularly, of those whose need to believe is so strong it overwhelms common sense and good judgment.

These are the hypocrites who have abused the faithful for self-aggrandizement, to gain the power that is their god, the only thing they truly worship.

These are men, and a few women, who would have their flock and the rest of the world believe they are a Reverend Billy Graham, Mohammad, Mahatma Gandhi, Joseph Smith, Buddha or Mother Teresa, or one of the few truly pious popes.

Some are infamous. Others famous, for they have yet to be found out. Many are known to only their followers. All are dangerous.

Their words should not influence anyone’s vote though they command the faithful to follow.

Faith is more than dogma.

Our creator, whoever he or she may be, gave us minds, the ability to question, reason and decide.

Guided by head and heart, a citizen should vote faithful to thine self.


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