Is Religion what you Make of it


When I think about religion the first thing that comes to mind is, here we go, some controversy or someone saying “without my faith I wouldn’t be anywhere”. Well, where were you before your faith? Jail? Doing something wrong? Scoring a touchdown? What happened to your faith when you lost the ball in the lights and didn’t make the catch? Oh well, I don’t blame someone for trying to better themselves and turning to a random religion that they chose like a sweater for that chilly night. On the other hand, if you were brought up with that religion and you continued to practice well that’s great too. I also respect the fact that some people make positive things happen for others with the backing of their religion. I have a lot of friends that do some great work with some very good organizations and I support their efforts one hundred percent.

Debates that causes arguments

My concern comes along when these religions are in the middle of debates that causes arguments, fights, and most wars throughout history. Why are people so concerned with what religious figures you worship? Worship, see for me that’s a creepy word and it runs a fine line where mental stability plays a role. When I hear worship, you know what comes to mind, “a cult”. I choose not to worship, maybe subscribe. So if I begin to subscribe to a particular religion does that mean the other religions don’t exist. That doesn’t seem right or fair. I don’t want to tell someone that they can’t follow catholicism just because my head isn’t in the bible all the time. In this country, the USA, religion plays such a major part in the election of our presidents. I personally believe if the candidate can do their job better than the next guy then it doesn’t matter to me what religion they follow. If any. They could wear a Charlie Brown crucifix for all I care about. Just fix this country and keep us safe at the same time. I mean, is that too much to ask? Or does this person rely on their religion too much and make too many mistakes. Then they’ll have to say their prayers so the “GOD” will pull their ass out of trouble. Which leads me to another pet peeve about this subject.

Why is it that I always hear about people having to pray for someone to answer to their troubles.

How about not being a burden to this “GOD”. How about leaving this “GOD” to relax for a while. How about leaving this “GOD” to a Corona and lime. When is the last time you heard someone actually walk outside and thank “GOD” for the great green pasture of grass in their front lawn? Or, thank “GOD” I heard birds chirping today! You haven’t! Because if someone did this in front of you, you probably wouldn’t talk to them again. You might look at them like a slack-jawed yokel and run. Instead, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say something along the lines of “thank ‘GOD’ I got this” or “thank ‘God’ this happened for me”. Oh, and my favorite is, “I want to thank ‘GOD’ for my ……” It seems a little selfish to me.

I don’t believe that I could have written this without saying what my religion is. Now I was raised catholic. Am I still? Don’t think so. Maybe it’s because I was thrown out of catholic school in the first grade. What? Was I five? Something didn’t sit well with me when the Nun would pull out a ruler and try to smack me with it. Now at that age, I knew that wasn’t right. Yes, I could have been a little less “Naughty” but where’s the fun in that. So when it comes down to it I don’t think that I have an actual religion. Unless you want to count, no, you couldn’t count this a religion. Well, I do pray for this representative to do well. I do visit a house of worship as much as I can. On the days that I can’t make it and spread my affection with thousands around me they show it live on TV. I can watch the service with millions of people at the same time. We can share the energy at exactly the same moment without even being there. Now, they don’t have a collection plate for me turn my wallet inside out in. But they do charge admission which is fair and understandable. If you could believe it, they have food too. And I’m not talking about just a small piece of bread or a sip of wine. I’m talking about full-on meals. There are restaurants at this place. Smalls stands that sell good food satisfying your hunger. A sip of wine? This place serves beer. I don’t like beer but ninety-five percent of the people there do. I’m talking about food options like a Wawa on a Saturday night at three a.m. I guess by now you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Good or bad, people live and die with their team.

Baseball. Baseball, I love it. I love every facet of it. I go to the church, or stadium, which holds around forty-five thousand people at a time. We all cheer and root for the team that represents us or we represent. You see, that’s the great thing about having baseball as a religion. This thing that I am rooting for does well when we show support and when they do well we reap from that sewing. Good or bad, people live and die with their team. Don’t get me wrong, baseball can create some heated debates but no one ever started a war over it. Countries weren’t divided because an umpire needs his eyes checked and made the wrong call. So I guess my overall message about religion is if you can find what you need in a specific denomination then that’s a beautiful thing. But let us remember the most important piece of information, be happy. Be happy with what you have. Allow others to enjoy what they have. Don’t worry about it if he/she is a Muslim that grew up in Japan and he/she just happens to be of Latin descent. Let it go. I’m going to sit back relax with my religion. Maybe eat a hot dog while I’m at it. I just know at the end of the day, I enjoyed my time with it.

Amen, or should I say, Play Ball!

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