Can Intelligent Design be Considered a Science


The fact that there is by definition no atheist who believes in intelligent design already confirms that anyone who believes in intelligent design has already sacrificed a great deal of rationality in reaching their conclusions. To extend outside the boundary of rational thought is not acceptable in the field of science. There is nothing rational about jumping to the conclusion that there must be a designer or God just because you personally can’t understand the natural world or because you are uncomfortable restraining your conclusions to the realm of what we do know.

The idea of intelligent design

The idea of intelligent design does borrow scant amounts of real science to reach its claims, although this information is used selectively and distorted at best. The most defining feature of intelligent design is the conclusion that there must be a deity or designer. Without this feature, it would just be bad science and there would be no controversy or attention given to it.

However, this feature does exist and this is where intelligent design completely loses hope of being considered a science.

 A Person Who Believes in Intelligent Design

It now simply becomes another religious belief based on faith. It follows the same belief pattern that leads most people to a religious belief. A person walks along the road of understanding until this road, built with scientific principles, comes to an end. At this point, you will see many people hard at work continuing to build the road. The person who believes in intelligent design thinks that they can walk up to the edge of this road, take the next step forward and not fall. This is faith, not science.

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