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Muslum Fatwas In Modern Times

I have noted that most of the articles concerning the no vote treated the so-called fatwas of a few to represent most of the Earth’s more than one billion Muslims. Do you remember when the two ancient, great statues of Buddha were blown apart by the few and many of the Earth’s Muslim leaders described the event of a terrible act against Islam?

An example of corrupting the modern meaning of the Koran by a few

Allah’s creation is love and we are supposed to grow as societies toward that goal. When I saw what was done at a training camp to test a nerve agent on a major news channel I could not believe in such disgusting corruption of Islam. The event was the actual film of a happy puppy that died in a very terrible, painful way. And I’m not going to mention the other species that were also desecrated for absolutely nothing! The followers that did that should rot in their caves and hide deeply from justice.

Another example from another side of a famous coin is what does not want to be part of Democratic Iraq. What I’m citing is certainly, apparently, fine in the United States, and this is a for instance; Jerry Springer had a show not too long ago where there where sex tests are done before the show on pregnant to be mothers to determine whether the upcoming infant would be a boy or girl. Apparently, all of the so call males on that show wanted just a boy and they were stating vehemently that if the results showed female: They would leave the mother, etc. Many future events come to mind of that watched by millions show. The most potent for me was the thought that perhaps one of the poor should be healthy girls upon their birth might view a copy of that show some years later, let’s just suppose ten or twenty.

It’s fine in the country of the Holy Bible, but I would think that, for instance, maybe that type of entertainment shouldn’t be allowed in the new Iraq. And maybe, some of those temples being blown up have something to do with that type of entertainment but then again, maybe not.

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