How Religion can Incite Homophobia


Religion can incite homophobia if the people of that religion have homophobic issues. Such a religion is that of the Westboro Baptist Church. God hates fags theme is plastered all over them. They are all about causing strife between straights and homosexuals. That church, and a few small groups of other people, religious or not, may also have this kind of issues. However, this hardly makes inciting homophobia a religious issue.

Religion can be thought to incite homophobia when the perception of what they preach is incorrect

When they preach that gay sex is sin, it is often incorrectly perceived as preaching that God hates gays. That is far from the truth, however, the religion still gets the rap.

Religion can appear to incite homophobia when they will not allow gays to be part of the clergy, or when they will not allow practicing gays to be members of the church. However, this is no more than a perception from outside the religion, it is not a phobia, or inciting a phobia. It is just following the mandates of the Bible.

It is very clear to anyone who is willing to do the research, that the big rage about homophobia is all about gay activists, and not about religion or religious people. The greatest rage about homophobia is being seen in the United Kingdom. When you research who incites homophobia, you will discover that it is a profound problem in the United Kingdom. Within the research, you will discover that it is actually not religion that is inciting homophobia. It is the music industry, journalism and the news media, government, and local law enforcement.

Who is it that actually incites homophobia?

As mentioned above, it is clear that the Westboro church does. All other Christians avoid them like a plague. So, where is all the rage coming from? Lets take a look.

Much of it comes through the music industry, and the bulk of that is related in some way to the United Kingdom. Bounty Killer promotes the killing of gays, violence in general, and the use of weapons in hateful ways. Bounty Killer is causing much discomfort for gays and continues unhindered in doing so. Just click on any search engine with the keyword Bounty Killer, and you will see hate.

Beenie Man incites homophobia.

Once again, this is a contribution in the music industry. It is said that a Jamaican musician, Beenie Man, produces hate, and four of Beenie Man’s past songs urge listeners to “shoot” and “hang” people he abuses as “queers”, “faggots” and “bum-f*s”.  Lyrics can be found on this site, and they absolutely are offensive.

Rap and reggae artists face new penalties for inciting homophobia, a web site quote, says that the music industry is involved. It appears that the music industry is free to proclaim any immorality they choose. However, somewhere along the way some of them do have to face the music. The strange thing is that there seems to be no rage regarding the music that is broadcast, and played, and sold to our children. Where is the rage? The rage is pointed at religion, it seems while overlooking other sources of hate proclamations.

Journalists also can incite homophobia by what they write. Kate Smith, a University of Washington writer in The Daily, has cause strife in this area. Others in the News media have done the same. The Socialist Newspaper, Duma has also been a guilty party.
When the media is free to write, there will be times when people are enraged. Such is the case regarding homophobia.

Homophobia is even incited by the government of Iraq. This is an outrage as well and is seemingly going unanswered.

Of course, it has to come back to the idea that religion can also incite homophobia. The greatest problem with this idea is that religion is not doing that as alleged. With the exception of the church mentioned earlier, and the few small groups that may be radical in the area of religion, the mainstream of religion does not incite homophobia.

There is one more group that needs to be mentioned. The groups that are raising the issue, keeping it in the limelight, and making it a news issue almost on a daily basis are gay activists. They have their organizations that teach and indoctrinate gays that religion is filled with hate for gays, and that religion is homophobic.

This is a very controversial issue, but if you do the research you will discover that this information is accurate. The Bible speaks on the subject of homosexuality but does not say that God hates gays. It says that gay sex is sin, but it does not place homosexuals in a different category from other sinners. We are all sinners.

It will be discovered soon that the hate crimes bill if passed, will also incite homophobia. If we wait a little while, it will be realized that the fairness doctrine, if passed, will also incite homophobia.

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