How to Cast Hermetic Spells


“How To Cast Meditation Spells”

Hermetic magic is one aspect of Hermeticism. Hermeticism is a set of philosophical and religious beliefs based on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus. It combines natural and alchemical lore with religious pantheism and moral philosophy to create a complex structured system that charts the flow of magical energies and works to redirect them. The best examples of Hermetic magic are meditation spells, otherwise known as circle spells for the complex magic circles used in compound with elemental representations. The purpose of these spells is not to have an impact on the physical world but to directly affect the spiritual world. As may be guessed from its name, meditative spells require the magician to enter a state of meditation before casting. The most common and least dangerous of these spells is the truth spell in which you can contact the mind of another and exchange information. This guide will explain the steps, and dangers, of casting such a spell.

Things You’ll Need:

3 White Candles (White Represents Spirit)
Chalk or Colored Duct tape
Lighter or Matches

Casting A Meditation Spell (Contact Spell)

Step 1:
Draw a large circle around yourself. This spell is not advanced Hermetic magic so there need be no inscriptions or runes used. Use the chalk or the colored duct tape to make the circle. Make sure it is a thick and unbroken line. From this point on you should not break or let any part of your body outside the circle. The spell will be broken if you do, the shock of which can be dangerous to you and the person you would contact.

Step 2:
Stand in the center of the circle and place the first candle in front of you.

Step 3:
Light the candle and speak the following words: “I am I, and I seek the truth”.

Step 4:
Place the second candle slightly behind you and to your immediate left. Face the candle, light it and speak the following words: “I am you, and I seek the truth”.

Step 5:
Place the third candle behind you to complete the triangle inside the circle. Face the candle, light it and speak the following words: “I am we, and I seek the truth”.

Step 6:
Sit in the center of the triangle and face the first candle.

Step 7:
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. It may take minutes to enter this meditative state, it may take hours. Just take as long as you need it.

Step 8:
Envision the person who you wish to contact sitting in front of you, looking at you over the lit candle.

Step 9:
Envision your spirit body separating from your physical body. See it rise up to look down on you and the other person. Move your spirit body and turn it around so that you are behind the other person, looking at his/her back.

Step 10:
Say in your mind: “I seek the truth and nothing but the truth”. Slowly move so that your spirit is in the body of the other person. Look out from his/her eyes at your physical body sitting in the circle.

Step 11:
Sift through the other person’s mind carefully. See what he/she sees, hear what he/she hears, and know what he/she knows. Converse with him or her if you wish.

Step 12:
Envision your spirit body leaving the body of the other person and returning to its physical shell when you have completed your task.

Step 13:
Open your eyes and blow out the candles in reverse order. Clean up the chalk or pull up the duct tape. Think about what you’ve learned.

Tips & Warnings

The cardinal rule in all magic is to do no harm. Never use this spell or any other spell for selfish or harmful purposes.

This spell should not be cast on someone who is unwilling or does not wish to converse with you, the consequences of forcing your will on another being can be dire.
Do not break the circle at any time during the casting of the spell. You run the risk of harming yourself and whoever you would contact.
Hermetic magic is advanced and very powerful with clear cut definitions of good and bad. Don’t try such magic without experienced guidance.

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