How to use a Ouija Board


The Ouija board is an excellent tool that is used to communicate with the spirits and beings of the Otherworld. This article provides the necessary information that you need in order to properly use the Ouija board. If you are ready to open the channel of communication between you and the world of spirits, read on:

The Requirement

There is only one requirement: A Ouija board. However, if you are not very experienced in creating psychic defenses, it would be a good idea to have a bowl of water mixed with rock salt beside you; and one lighted candle as well.

The Reason for Using the Board

Although countless people have testified that the Ouija board should only be used when you have a valid and compelling reason on why you would want to connect with the Other-world, this may not always be true. Based on the experience of the author, the Ouija board may be used for whatever reason you may want (even when there is no reason at all). After all, communicating with spirits is not a strange phenomenon. Remember: You are also a spirit. The important factor to consider is the intention and the purity of your heart on why you want to connect with the realm of the spirits.

How Many People Should Participate?

The Ouija board can be used alone, with a partner, and even with a group of people. Just make sure that every participant has a good intention for using the board. Remember, the Ouija board is not a toy

Who Should I Call?

You can call any spirit that you desire. For starters, it is advisable to begin with your spirit guide. A spirit guide is a magical being who helps you with your spiritual conquest. Just desire and repeatedly ask for your spirit guide.

Other spirits can also be called using the Ouija board. Indeed, the Ouija board is a wonderful tool; use it with caution and due respect.

The First Step

Make sure that you will not be disturbed. Turn off your mobile phone; make sure that nobody else will enter the room; turn off the television and other things that can cause distractions. It is advised to maintain a silent ambiance, but soft music with a soothing melody can also be used.

Relax. Sit in front of the board. If you are using the board with a partner, you may sit face to face; if in a group, sit in a circle formation (The board should be in the center.)

The Second Step

Apply even just a simple cleansing technique. For beginners, a simple way of doing this is by using the water mixed with rock salt: Using your fingers, simply sprinkle a small amount of saltwater on your body. As you do this, imagine that you are being cleansed from all negativity.

After being cleansed, you should cast a circle of protection. This circle of protection is important to protect yourself from negative entities. A simple way to do this is by imagining yourself inside a white circle or orb of strong energy.

The Third Step

Pray. Pray to God, to your holy guardian angel, and to all your spiritual masters and helpers (if you have any). Gently ask for their support and for their ultimate protection.

The Fourth Step

It is time to call upon a spirit. You can call any spirit that you desire. Again, for beginners, it is advisable that you first call your spirit guide.

The procedure to call a spirit is very easy. It is as follows:

Relax. Lightly put your index finger on the pointer. Concentrate on the spirit that you desire to talk with. Repeatedly call the name of the spirit. It is better if you call the spirit using his/her full name. When contacting your spirit guide for the first time, just say “my spirit guide”. Wait for the pointer to move.

The Fifth Step

The pointer may move to indicate the response of the spirit. If the spirit is willing to talk with you, then you may proceed with the conversation. If the pointer does not move, simply thank the spirit and try again another time.

The Sixth Step

To end the conversation, gently thank the spirit. Usually, the spirit will respond by placing the pointer to “Farewell” or “Goodbye” or any other ways to clearly show that the conversation has come to an end.

Important Points to Consider and to Remember:

Treat the spirit with due respect. Do not play around. Keep in mind that you are dealing with a real being. Again, the Ouija board is not a toy.

Be careful. Do not burn the board unless you are sure that it is free from all spirits and other beings. To be safe, just do not burn it.

Do not trust the spirit right away. You must properly discern if the spirit is really the spirit that you desire to communicate with. To do this, watch the behavior of the spirit and the way it answers to your questions – use your intuition. Unfortunately, the ability to discern spirits takes some skill and practice. If the spirit behaves in an offensive manner or when it strongly refuses to end the conversation, forcefully put the pointer to “Goodbye” or “Farewell” then pass the board over the candle flame. If you do not have a candle, just slam the board thrice on the floor.

Make sure that you have already prepared your questions before beginning to contact the spirit. However, it would not be much fun to have a scripted conversation. Hence, once you have established a good rapport with the spirit, just enjoy the flow of the conversation. Usually, the prepared questions are used only as initial questions to help you and the spirit to adjust and be comfortable with each other. Do not allow the spirit to control the flow of conversation. Do not be afraid; never fear.


The Ouija board is a wonderful tool to effectively commune with the Other-world. In fact, it can be utilized not only to have a one-time conversation but also to pave a way to establish a profound relationship with another spirit. However, it is true that the Ouija board can also be utilized by evil spirits and other entities. Once you feel afraid; when you find your fear is winning over you, remember: you are also a spirit.

Blessed be.

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