If Presented with Reasonable Evidence I would be a Believer in a Minute


Atheists are non-believers. False! I am an Atheist and I believe. I believe anything; anything that is presented to me provided it is supported by verifiable evidence. Why must I have supporting evidence?

Try to imagine a court of law based solely on faith rather than evidence.

“Did you steal that money?”

“No I did not!”

“Next case!”

Although, I must admit s

ome intellectual giants did, in fact, dismiss the need for evidence. Aristotle strongly contended that all you need is pure reason and logic. Forget about evidence. His shining example was: What fool would need evidence to show that a large rock would fall to the ground faster than a feather? This was the sort of thinking embraced by the early Christian church and they loved ole Aristotle for it. Except, much later a renegade university professor climbed to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa and in full sight of a group of his students dropped a tiny pebble along with a large rock. They both hit the ground at the very same time. Aristotle was proven to be wrong by virtue of the evidence. Galileo, on the other hand, was promptly fired from his professorship. Incidentally, within a vacuum, a rock and a feather will hit the ground at the very same time. Try it yourself.

Dealing with religious beliefs evidence is not only unnecessary but also quite annoying.

Okay, let’s see. Moses, spoke to God, the Apostles spoke to God (Jesus), Mohammed spoke to God, and Joseph Smith (Mormon) spoke to God. Sadly, each one of these illustrious gentlemen received a quite different if not contradictory message, which leaves only three possibilities.

curious atheist1. God did, in fact, speak to each one of these men. Then was God messing with our head by giving out those contradictory revelations?

2. God spoke only to one of the men and the others fabricated their stories. Then the question is which one got the real scoop?

3. God spoke to none of these people and they all fabricated their stories. That really muddies the water.

To sort out this mess it seems to me that we need help. Evidence maybe? What I can’t understand is that in light of this dilemma how could anyone simply pluck out one of those messages and say with the strongest of conviction that this message given by (enter your favorite prophet here) is the absolute truth.

I am an Atheist; and yet, if presented with reasonable evidence I would be a believer in a minute.

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