Is God Worthy of Worship


Why an omniscient and omnipotent God is not worth worshipping

“The Wonder of nature does not become smaller because one cannot measure it by the standards of human moral and human aims.”
Albert Einstein

Concluding that God is omniscient and omnipotent presupposes doubt of His very existence.

That said, the question of worship (or not) lies not in the area of supposition, but the rationalization of existence defying human comprehension.

Worth (the root word of worship) drives our economy and capitalistic system. It is the method by which our products, goods, and services are established also known as value. We protect the worth of our valuables by insuring them. Without value economic anarchy would hold sway.

To value (worship) a car by insuring it but de-value (not worship) God is antithetical to conventional wisdom, a self-indulgent overestimation of human intellect and an insult to His importance.

Tribes residing in remotest jungles the world over build societies around religion or belief in a higher power, the bedrock of these cultures, to the point of valuing deity above humanity. Interesting that these practices were not passed from one tribe to the next, inasmuch as cross-continental communication was non-existent. From whence did it come? The only answer can be within the human spirit and soul.

The answer to the inaugural question of this discussion is this – to not worship God is the unfortunate position of those who choose a willful display of ignorance and arrogance above contemplative thought and examination of the matter objectively and with a degree of faith. Sad to say, but most in today’s society think a little farther than their will, the only thing those who believe in God know that He will not change. Extremists view God as a primitive and punitive judge bent on sending sinners to hell, while others give up all worldly pleasure and contact. In the middle, where most of us live, is a palpable recognition that we are the product of an uncaused cause, an unseen benevolence, and a loving creator.

Why an omniscient and omnipotent God is not worth worshipping?

The answer lies in the question. If indeed God possesses these qualities, no one who embraces these as accurate truths would withhold that recognition which is the least one can do. Just as those in the deepest jungles know, to acknowledge a determinant source of life, health, strength, prosperity, and happiness, so all should relent to the intrinsic call to honor and esteem His Presence, Value, Worth, and Person.

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