Jewish History and Faith Models for Overcoming Suffering


Go back in time, and you won’t be able to disagree with me. We have been slaves, we have been killed, we have been driven from our lands and much worse. It still has not ended. Many are still not able to emigrate from their country. Such examples are Syria, Iran, and Yemen. They hate Jews, but they do not allow them to leave. It’s a way of making them suffer.

We have been made to work in the fields, and build things for others. Families have been separated, women have been raped and only G-d knows what has been done to the children. Nonsensical experiments have been performed on our people, for the pleasure of others.

They have driven us from different countries around the world, Germany, Poland, Spain, Egypt, England to name a few. Somehow, we have survived. Strangely enough, in most cases, we have prospered. In fact, many countries that we called home are jealous of our accomplishments. These countries have benefited from our being there, yet they hate us. Take from us what you can get, then kill, or dismiss us.

Russia is a prime example of how to form a government.

After the revolution to rid the country of their Royal Family, who did they listen to? We are ashamed to say, Karl Marx. So even countries like North Korea follow the communist teaching of Marx. Unfortunately, the true Marx concept was never really followed. Humans being humans, are corrupt. So the real vision Marx had was never truly followed. Many Jews have been killed in Russia and as many as possible leave.

Strangely, many countries have invited us back.

Why do you ask? Because we always make their society better for the host country. Business is one thing, trade and how to govern are others. How to run a business has helped almost every country. The United States has learned the most. Many small cities here have department stores with Jewish names. Why do you think that is? Quite a few people would say; “you bought that from the Jew”, but where else could they get it.

Many countries had no experience in the trade, and we taught them how to do this. Many African and South American countries have benefited from our teachings. Though in Africa we were only accepted in South Africa and Rhodesia. The other countries were colonies then, and we didn’t exactly fit in. Do you think that hurt Africa’s development?

We have been allowed to become citizens of many countries, but that is meaningless when you are a Jew. We can be kicked out of the country at any time, but that’s better than one of the options. I refer to Germany in world war ll. Spain must be kicking itself, there were many Jews in Spain before the Spanish Inquisition. After killing, and deporting us they now want us back. Although we remain a minority in every country except one. You’ll never hear my people asking for anything except an equal opportunity, and to live in peace.

Check your history, how have my people survived?

We are always outnumbered, people and countries have always waged war on us and yet we have survived. We are not violent people, but we have always made sure that we are able to defend ourselves, there is not a higher educated race of people.

It is hard to believe that 23% of the Nobel prize winners are Jewish.

We are people that help others. How many doctors and researchers that are Jewish have helped patients and cure diseases? There would be many fewer people in the world without our help. I have known many people that hate Jews. Yet they must have a Jewish doctor, lawyer or accountant. This is a strange way of flattering us.

I reiterate we do not want to be seen as a minority.

Maybe if we wanted that, we would want many other things given to us. If other minorities would study how we have dealt with adversity, maybe they would also achieve without saying; “WE DESERVE!” All anyone deserves is an equal opportunity. There is no such thing as being represented by what percentage of the population you are. We should all be represented by what we have achieved.

All Dr. King preached was having an equal opportunity. We didn’t have one for centuries, and look at what we have accomplished. Imagine if we had equal opportunities! We can all achieve if we try.


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