Judaism without God


Jews Do Have A God

For anyone to say Judaism is without God is for that person Not to understand God or Judaism, his own religion. Judaism founded and started by God the Father, Himself. All the rules and regulations established by God, in order to give the people a sense of awe and purity. God set out certain rules and added more for fear of sinning against God.

Judaism was verbal at first, passed down from generation to generation.

You see, God gave the basic law to Moses, then, He took 40 years to explain to Moses what it meant. Moses learned and took it to heart but the children of Israel didn’t take it to heart. That’s probably the reason for the 613 laws. The Sages, who wrote the Talmud, wrote items of wisdom they received from their relationship with God. Their wisdom lines up with the Bible.

Live or Dead

Any religion can become dead to the participant. A person, who has their own interests in mind when they participate, will get bored with all the formalities of their “religion.” The person, who has the mindset of blessing others, will see the usefulness of their formalities. Creator God and your relationship with Him must be the central focus of your activities.

When Creator God is your central focus He, Himself will reward you with both things and understanding. Remember wisdom from God is better than gold and understanding from God is better than silver.

I realize we need money to live and so does He. He will give us what we need when we need it. To have our minds Off money and On our relationship with God fulfills, “man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

It has taken a long time for me to rid myself of money dependency and start trusting God for what I need. I had to be without a job, have a heart operation and still without a paying job for a whole year. It is a long and hard transition and I’m still not there. I can now trust God simply by prayer and asking and get things done. Sometimes it takes a week or two before I see an answer but the answer comes.

Back to the story

To be a real participant in this story we must turn our gaze upward. The God of the bible had a plan of redemption since Adam bit off more than he could chew by disobeying God. The true redemptive blood that cleansed, once and for all, had to be perfect and yet human (in order to identify with us and with God). The God/Man, Messiah, Priest of God, went to the cross to redeem (buy back-away from the devil) us by shedding His Blood in 7 places. He bought back the Jew first, also the Greeks.

To receive this redemption we must put our faith in the one who bought us. The Jews call HimMessiah. The Christians call Him-Jesus. The Christians worship the same God the Jews do, but along the recesses of history, we offended the Jews. I am sorry that happened. They brought us salvation, wisdom, the Creator, history and story of love poured out on mankind.

Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Jewish Person.

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