Laws of Magic Threefold Balance and Reciprocity


When working with spiritual energy, one must understand the laws of the universe governing spiritual energy. These laws cannot be changed and rarely are they bent; therefore, we must abide by them. These laws exist for a specific reason and without them, we would not exist as we know it. Instead of using the few loopholes that exist, we have to adjust ourselves to living by its standard.

Balance, Equal and Opposite

The three major laws in spiritual workings revolve around balance (also known as Yin-Yang), equal and opposite reactions to every action (which is related to the threefold law), and sacrificing one thing for another (reciprocity). In the law of Yin-Yang, it basically states that the universe must maintain a balance; therefore, it is the most important of the three. The other two, reciprocity and threefold, stem from the Yin-Yang principle. The law of threefold states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction by three different means. The law of Reciprocity states that for every request, there must be a sacrifice. These three laws maintain the cohesiveness of the universe.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are the manifestations of opposites in the universe. Yin is peace, order, love, and goodness. Yang, the exact opposite of Yin, is violence, chaos, hatred, and evil. Taoism, where the idea of the Yin and Yang originate, states that there must be a balance of both forces in order for the world to work. This is true for the physical world as well as the spiritual world. We know this is true scientifically because of the Law of Conservation, which specifically states: “matter is neither created nor destroyed.” Also, the First Law of Thermodynamics states: “energy is neither created nor destroyed.” Thus, Einstein discovered that “the total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant” according to E=mc 2.

Balance Must Be Maintained

Not only is there a balance in the physical world and the spiritual world separately, but a balance must also be maintained when there is an interaction of energy between the two worlds. This brings us to our second law, the Law of Reciprocity. When we want something to be done in the physical world, we send our energy and intent into the spiritual world to retrieve it. However, our own energy of need is not as powerful as what we are getting in return; therefore, something must be given up in order to maintain balance. That something should be related, in some fashion, to what you want.

During reciprocity, there is a change of equal energy in both directions. However, the energy leaving the physical world is manifested as one but when it returns, it is separated into three parts. Thus, why it is called threefold. When asking for something, we use intent and physical sacrifice to make the request. What is not usually mentioned is the spiritual aspect, devotion, which we use when a request is made. Therefore, your request is sent into the physical world is being sent in three different forms: mind, body, and spirit. The return request is sent back in three ways: one that satisfies your physical need, your mental need, and your spiritual need. Because these three needs require three different types of energies, there are different fulfillments for each situation.

The model below is a demonstration of how the three laws work in conjunction with one another:

Yin & Yang Request & Sacrifice Intent (mind), Sacrifice (body), and Devotion (spirit) & Reward

Take into account that balance must be maintained. Recognize for every request, in order to receive an award, you must sacrifice its opposite. The power of your sacrifice, your intentional request, and your spiritual devotion manifest and will be returned threefold.

Use Magic to Weaken a Hurricane

An example of these laws in motion, in relation to a physical energy request, is using magic to weaken a hurricane. Imagine there is a powerful hurricane coming your way. You know that in order to decrease the intensity of the hurricane, you have to increase the amount of cold air surrounding the hurricane. Therefore, you use intent magic to send cool air into the hurricane.

Meanwhile, you yourself must absorb the heat which you are taking away from the hurricane. Therefore, you must make the sacrifice by making the environment hot around you. This may mean that you have to turn off your air conditioner. All three laws are therefore satisfied. You have maintained the balance of heat and cold. You sacrificed to maintain that balance. And finally, you sent the cool energy out using sacrifice, intent, and devotion, thus you were rewarded with a weakened hurricane, fulfilled desire to survive, and reinforced faith. Here you see how the weakening of the hurricane is far greater than the fulfillment of desire and reinforcement; therefore, the energy released is nearly threefold physically. The energy released mentally and spiritually is minimal and could be a direct result of the physical energy released. Thus, the Threefold law holds true.

Use Magic to Achieve a Higher State of Meditation

Another example of the laws in motion, in relation to a spiritual energy request, is using magic to achieve a higher sate of meditation. In order to achieve this state, you have to move into a higher region of the Etheric planes. You focus your energy, using intent, to push yourself higher. However, since you are trying to go higher, something has to go down. That means that you must sacrifice either spiritual power or conscious awareness to achieve that higher state. This usually means that the higher state is a bit more fuzzy and confusing than the lower state. Regardless, you have to sacrifice one or the other to achieve this state. Thus, you have reciprocity through sacrifice, which maintains the balance. You use your power of intent, sacrifice ability, and place your body into a deep meditative state. In this case, your spiritual sacrifice takes dominance, and you are rewarded with the achievement of higher meditation threefold. Your other two rewards, clearer thoughts, and a rested body are small side effects.

Another example of the laws in motion, in relation to a psychic (mind) energy request, is using magic to remove a certain feeling. Imagine you are depressed over the fact that someone in your family died. While this is a detrimental state, you have to do something to move on. One of the ways to move on is to move beyond grief and pain and into acceptance. To achieve this acceptance, you come to a logical conclusion that the end was inevitable; therefore, you must retrieve happy memories of the person. This is why we tell funny stories at a wake and visit with family. We sacrifice the emotion of grief for the emotion of happiness, thus satisfying our sacrificial need. Therefore, we are rewarded emotionally through laughter, physically through relief, and spiritually through reaffirmation of our own abilities. Your emotional reward is strongest while your physical relief and spiritual reaffirmation are lesser side effects of the actual emotional reward. Thus, your emotional reward is three times more powerful than the original emotional sacrifice.

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