Leo Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs


Leo personalities are impulsive chargers inherited with self-pride and ruled by the fiery giant ‘sun’ as ruling planet. They are unpredictable but lovable royal kings on planet. They posses balanced mind with positive attitude and are mostly fuel-fire energetic souls.

When astrology scales the Leo compatibility graph, justifies about generous authentic love fellowship. Their partnership explores sensitive nature with possessive loyalty and they craft an excellent companionship which ensures long term royalty and devotion in relations.

These pampered love founders are quality partners and lives effortless utter smooth life. They blossom beautiful upbringing in romance are focused self-centered warmers. They ensure natural leadership rewards and strength ultimate enthusiasm. These desiring lovers and dominating partners are able to engage in long term successful bonding.

Leo Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Leo with Aries Relationship: They together tuned an ideal match with more common attitude and less difference; craft a beautiful devotion and are able to carry long term bonding between them. Both these zodiac souls are emerged fully zest partners with each other in rhythm of love making.

Leo with Taurus Relationship: they together engaged in the daring partnership. Partners with these two astrological sun signs scores almost average marks and can work to safeguard their relationship to build it lifelong bond.

Leo with Gemini Relationship: They are better-halves mate ensures a gesturing partnership and leads a successful scaling image. They both together achieve the desiring harmony in relationship.

Leo with Cancer Relationship: They handle together quite adaptive fellowship and play little more egoistic domination instead of love pleasures. They both are stubborn leaders and time takers to live together smoothly.

Leo with Leo Relationship: Lions together ensures a kingdom of their own rules and runs brilliant positions in life-love cycle. They both spot-holders are good achievers in relationship and fly high graph.

Leo with Virgo Relationship: They often vary with each other in understanding and inherit low scoring compatibility. They both need to work on mutual traits to fall in full harmony progress in devoted partnership.

Leo with Libra Relationship: The bond between these two zodiac signs offers a soul management between them. They both explore a share-care mating with romantic entertaining for each other which is a key aspect in long term relationship progress.

Leo with Scorpio Relationship: They both are loyal holders to carry life-long romance but lack behind in matter of talks and share. They together are honest companion mates but manage to communicate well which sometimes leads to disturbing cause in long term relationship.

Leo with Sagittarius Relationship: They both with each other are born partners and scores almost soul romance. Their commitment is true-blue love with warm passion mixed with colorful compatibility.

Leo with Capricorn Relationship: They carry good plotting dedications but are swing scores. Their relationship is many a times perfect or often challenging too. Good adaptive and adjustable commitment can help them to carry forever bonding together.

Leo with Aquarius Relationship: Astrological spectrum claims that these two zodiacs together bind long term fellowship in rare cases and mostly ensures a deal sort bond. They both together show less compatibility and are often unclear minds.

Leo with Pisces Relationship: These both are worst match holders together crafted a wild-card relationship. They both are not precisely fond of carrying long term hearts and need more time and mutual base to understand each other completely.

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