Let Children Choose their Religion


Children today learn from their parents just like any other creature. Unfortunately for us they usually also follow their parents religion without a choice, many children these days think that their parents know what’s best when half the time they don’t and this causes kids to be Christian when they don’t even know what it means, I am seeing this a lot this day and age kids walking around saying they are Christian when they have never read the bible or know what God stands for these kids could be following a totally different religion or even gone into atheism or become agnostic we never know. Parents need to let kids make their own choices otherwise we will have kids going around saying “Yes mom.” or “Yes dad.” basically slaves following their misinformed leader.

Here is a much better idea for parents

Go up to your kid with a list of religions and describe what each and every one of them means (Without being Biased!) let him choose for himself which he likes, don’t force him like a slave’s master let your kid be free, stop holding them back with your leash. Today’s society is filled with misinformed teenagers and children stop contributing to this and let your kid’s make their own choices in religion and in life otherwise we’ll end up with more death, more travesty, and even more war.

When you have finished reading this article I hope you think about this, what would your child have been like if you didn’t force your religion on him? Sure you may be thinking “But he’s fine now, a good citizen.” your wrong, he isn’t a “good citizen.” he is a good citizen with a clouded head, unless your child willing chooses that religion you have no right to force it on him or her, I hope you think about this as I am sick of seeing religious hypocrites in this world, misinformation is what is causing the downfall of this world and you parents play a huge part in this, like smokey the bear said “Only you can prevent forest fires.” in this case it’s the mind being burnt away by the fire of lies and misinformation. I hope I made at least a small difference in your opinion, thank you for reading. Sayonara.

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