Living a Good Life without God


I think too many people count on the fear of God making them live better lives. We see where that has gotten us. I was raised as Roman Catholic but now I consider myself to be agnostic.

My religion didn’t allow me to explore any other options. When you are a Catholic, you have to believe in God, heaven, hell, and Jesus, no questions allowed. That didn’t work for me. I have an open mind and don’t try to change anyone else’s mind or persuade them about whether there is a God or not. I am not sure there is not a God, but I am also not sure there is a God.

The so-called “Heaven”

So I live my life for right now. What happens here. What if there is no reward waiting for us when Saint Peter lets us in the pearly gates? Isn’t that how it works?

We are good by the definition of our religion and some wonderful Saint allow us into Heaven to be with God and all the other good people. But if you are not good you go to hell and if you are just kind of good, you go to purgatory.

What awaits us on another side?

We have no idea what is waiting for us on the other side, if there even is another side. But I want to be remembered here by everyone that knows me and through the stories, they tell of me, as a good person. And for me, that means not being judgmental, not discriminating, not shooting people, not stealing. All those things that are taught to be bad in church and the things most people’s Gods would frown upon. Being good means something totally different to everyone. I try to do unto others and all that. Whatever behavior allows you to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

The difference in a life without God is that you are truly being a good person for yourself and the people you encounter in daily life. Why only be good so you can get into heaven? Be good and true to yourself now. Don’t be a good person just because you think you will be rewarded in some other life. For one that may not happen and for two, live this life. God or on God – no one knows if there really is another life out there. Make your mark on this Earth while you can and try to make it a good one.

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