Motivated by Fear


Why I’m an Atheist

That’s a question that has been asked and answered a hundred or more times in my short life. It’s simple really, I think logically. That statement means that instead of blindly believing in something that the only proof of is a storybook that has been proven to be written by a man several different ways a hundred years after the death of Christ. I do not, however, dispute the fact that Jesus Christ was alive at some point of human history. I’m sure he was a very moving speaker and a strong leader with some very good beliefs. Much like Gandhi or with the speaking prowess of Hitler.

I was raised by moderate Catholic parents residing in a small town in Ohio for the majority of my younger years. I was baptized, went to church and Sunday school, was confirmed picked my saint name and so on so forth. Something never seemed right to me though. I had doubts long before I decided I was a full-blown Atheist. It started slow, skipping church, doing things that weren’t very Christian, and stopped praying. It was not until Greek Mythology that I really had my big Epiphany.

The vast majority of the world no longer believes in the multiple gods that governed the laws of the universe that once inhabited Mount Olympus. To understand why this hit me so hard and shattered by faith like the day your parents said there is no Santa you have to first ask yourself “Why did these people believe in these gods”. My answer was simple, they didn’t understand the world around them. A god controlling every aspect of nature that science was yet to explain. Once science came into the picture and started explaining how these “miracles” where happening people moved away from these gods and went to the single “God”. What is these Gods governing aspects? How did the universe come about and what happens when we die?

Two major things science cannot yet explain

The one and only God and many others similar to it are nothing more than a security blanket. People fear death so they need something to comfort them when they die thinking they are going to live on in another plane of existence where everything is better. The whole heaven theory I believe came about in the darker ages of human history when the majority of lives were mundane and terrible. So they wanted to think they after all their suffering they would be rewarded in death with “Heaven”.

Faith can be good for some people

When science firmly explains how the universe was created, which is edging closer and closer with the supercollider in Switzerland, and life after death is disproved. Religion will fade out of the world forever. Fear motivates religion along with many other insane ideas throughout history. The simplicity of everything in this article is, how can you believe in God but not Santa Clause? At least Saint Nick was a real person. Now, I wouldn’t say you’re a complete idiot for believing. Faith can be good for some people. I understand why miserable people and soldiers who might die at any moment have so much faith. It can get you through some things that no one should have to experience. It is, however, still motivated by fear.

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