Birth Flowers – Marigold And Its Autumn Colors for October


October Birth Flower.

Marigolds, otherwise known as Calendula represent the autumn months in their gorgeous oranges and yellows that are typical colors for the autumn months. This makes the Marigold the perfect October birth flower. These beautiful flowers grown easily, have a variety of uses and are often used for companion planting.

The Meaning, Significance And Symbolism Of Marigolds

For a birht month flower that has so many uses, it seems strange that it would be a symbol of grief and cruelty. It is said that the name Mary’s Gold comes from the marigold flower garlands that were placed at the base of statues of Mary. As a symbol of grief, these flowers are used in Mexico as a flower of the dead. It is still used in the Day of the Dead ceremonies today. The Marigold is also a symbol of passion and creativity with its bright and intense colors of yellow and orange and those who have October birthdays are said to be as warm as the colors of the Marigold. Another belief is that if Marigolds do not open early in the morning then it is a sign that rain is coming.

Calendula, the Birth Flower of OctoberFirst Christians called this flower Marigold. It was used to decorate the statue of the Virgin Mary, while in ancient India it was used to decorate the idols of the whole pantheon of Hindu gods.

Wile the Slavic legend about this flower says that at one poor family was born a boy. It was sick and weak, therefore it was called «scallywag». When the boy grew, he learned the language of flowers and could to cure people. The sick people came to this boy from everywhere. However, one wicked man envied to this boy and decided to kill him. This man gave him a cup of wine, contained the aids, during one holiday. Before he died, he bequeathed to bury his nail under the window of his ill-wisher. At this place was grown a medical herb with the golden flowers. In memory of a boy doctor, the locals called this herb the «fingernail», which means the Calendula, translated from Russian and other Slavic languages. The seeds of this flower, actually resemble a fingernail.

Chinese wisdom says that the Calendula is a «10 000 years flower», which is symbolized long life. In Spain and Portugal, it name means «a miracle» or «admiration». Different nations gave different names to this flower, according to its form and color. For example, in Germany, the Calendula called a «circle rose» or a «golden flower». The Danes call it “morgenfrue” or «morning lady».

The Uses Of The Marigold

In Mexico, the Marigold has been used as chicken feed and is believed to improve the yolk color in their eggs as well as making the chicken more appealing to eat. The Marigolds are also used extensively for its medicinal purposes and is a common ingredient in ointments to treat acne, rashes, and sunburn, eczema, and skin irritations. This plant is also known to be a remedy for stomach aches, toothaches and headaches while it can also be used for bee stings, sprains, and menstrual cramps. Infections can also be prevented thanks to the antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are present in the orange marigolds.

Medieval doctors thought that the aroma of this flower removes «harmful influence» out of a head and that the oil made of its petals helps to cure a headache, eliminate tinnitus and remove the inflamed eye. Famous medieval healer Hildegard von Bingen used Calendula to cure scab and other skin diseases. Her famous treatise, written in 1485, described Calendula as the medical herb which treats the wounds. In the famous book «ladies companion», written in XVI century, it was recommended to the woman to eat a little bit jam, made of Calendula petals, as a remedy for a good mood.

October birth month Marigold

In ancient times Romans used marigolds as a treatment for scorpion bites. Marigolds can be eaten and are often used in salads and soups while brewing them in water as a tea has been known to help heal gastric ulcers, sore throats, and oral disorders. Marigolds are also often used for companion planting since their odor has a tendency to ward off certain insects from eating specific vegetables when planted nearby. Whether you use the marigold for a display of color in your garden or for medicinal purposes, the marigold is a good flower to have in your garden. The symbolism need not affect the way you feel about the Marigold since the good properties of this October birth flower far outweigh the bad and they do make a lasting impression.

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