Birth Flowers by Month

There are a lot of ancient legends and myths about the flowers, such as about the birthstones, zodiac signs, names etc. Each of us makes its own choice to believe in them or not. But, on the other hand, we have to know the real history of any subject to have our own idea about it.

The unique story of each flower helps us to recognize the resemblance of the flower and the nature of man, therefore, understanding the symbolism of a flower, you can make the right gift for your loved one or help your partner in choosing a gift for you.

Unfortunately, the flowers can’t speak, but if they could, we might learn an interesting story about each of them. The term “language of flowers” introduces in the Victorian Era. It was the romantic time when it was not accepted to give expression to one’s feelings directly. In these days, each flower symbolized an emotion or a mood.

According to the ancient legends, each flower has its own unique history or a myth, therefore it could symbolize a specific character of a person, or an event, described in these myths and stories. For example, it could be easily illustrated, describing Narcissus, when this flower is often equal to the narcissistic person, however, this opinion is wrong.

Based on the foregoing, it is very important to know the history of each flower to understand how well it suits you, therefore, this site has collected all necessary information about the flowers by month, its history, myths, and legends.

I hope that this small guide will provide you with useful information about all the monthly flowers and it will help your friends to choose the right flower as a gift especially for you.


Carnation Thumb -- The Birth Flower of JanuaryIf you are born in the month of January, your birth flower is carnation. Based on the Christian legend, the presence of carnation flower is brought Jesus has carried it along with the cross. There are different meanings of this birth flower as based on location and cultures present around the world. This birth flower means distinction, fascination as well as love.
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Violet Thumb -- The Birth Flower of FebruaryWhen you are born in the month of February, this is represented by the flower called iris. This means Fleur-de-Lis or Emblem in France. There are so many species of Iris that you can find in the other countries in Europe. Iris means valor, wisdom, hope, and faith.
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Narcissus Thumb -- The Birth Flower of MarchFor people who are born in the month of March, your birth flower is daffodil. This appears yellow but there are also some hybrid species of the plant giving you with a darker shade of yellow color and even mixture of white and yellow hue. This is a plant which is growing mostly during Spring. When you encountered this flower, this symbolizes unrequited love, regard as well as “you are my only love”.
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Daisy Thumb -- The Birth Flower of AprilTo people who are born in the month of April, your birth flower is a daisy. Daily is a plant which is under the family of Sunflower. You will notice that they have the same features but different in terms of their sizes. They have the same structure in relation to their flower. The petals are encircling the center which resembles like the rays of the sun. Daisy symbolizes purity, I will never tell, loyal love and innocence.
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Lily of the Valley Thumb -- The Birth Flower of MayLily is the flower for people who are born in the month of May. There are so many varieties of lilies that are present from the other parts of the world. This is especially true when you will visit India, Japan, the Philippines and other countries in Europe. In addition to that, lilies can also be found in the United States and its neighboring countries. Moreover, there are different colors of lily flowers that you can encounter out there. Specifically, the meaning of while lilies is majesty, purity, and virginity. READ more about May Zodiac Flower


Rose Thumb -- The Birth Flower of JuneRose is the birth flower for June. There are different meanings of roses depending on the color of the flower. For brides, roses mean happiness as well as love. On the other hand, coral rose signifies grief and desire. Moreover, red roses mean love and respect. Of course, there are some variations in terms of the actual meaning of this plant depending on the cultures and traditions of some people. READ more about June Zodiac Flower


Delphinium Thumb -- The Birth Flower of JulyDelphinium is the birth flower for individuals who are born in the month of July. The flower got its name from the word from Greece which is Delphi’s. This is the term referring to the nose of a dolphin which resembles a bottle like a shape. Delphiniums come with different colors. There are some with shades of red, pink, violet and many more. This flower means ardent attachment as well as an open heart. This also signifies purity and truthfulness. READ more about July Zodiac Flower


Gladiolus Thumb -- The Birth Flower of AugustGladiola is the birth flower for people who are born on the month of August. In some instances and in some places, Gladioli are also termed as sword lily. This is due to the shape of the flower which resembles like a sword. Based on the history, this is the flower which symbolizes the gladiators. When it comes to the meaning of this, it refers to sincerity. READ more about August Zodiac Flower


Aster Thumb -- The Birth Flower of SeptemberThe birth flower for people who are born in the year of September is Aster. Aster basically originated from a Greek word which means star. The flower is named as Aster since this resembles the shape of Estrella (star). Aster basically means sincerity. That is why individuals who are born in this month are so much sincere with what they are saying. Read September Zodiac Flower


Calendula Thumb -- The Birth Flower of OctoberMarigold is the birth flower for October. Marigold is considered as part of the sunflower family. There are different versions of its name depending on locations and cultures. Christians call this flower as Mary’s Gold or Marigolds. This basically means grace and affection. There are some people from different cultures who believe that marigold means grief, jealousy, and cruelty. Though there are negative meanings of the flower, there are many individuals who believe that this plant is associated with positivity. Read more on October Zodiac Flower


Chrysanthemum Thumb -- The Birth Flower of NovemberFor people who are born in the month of November, the flower for you is Chrysanthemum. If you will see some images of Chrysanthemum in some sites, you will notice that there are different colors available. Depending on the color present, there are different meanings of Chrysanthemum. However, the most common symbolism of Chrysanthemum is happiness and optimism. READ more on November Zodiac Flower


Holly Thumb -- the Birth Flower of DecemberPoinsettia is the birth flower of people who are born in the month of December. Poinsettia is well-known as Christmas Star in many places around the world. In fact, this is the dominant flower when the Christmas season will arrive. Poinsettia is indigenous in countries like Central America as well as Mexico. The primary meanings of Poinsettia are good cheer as well as merriment. READ more on Decmeber Zodiac Flower