Birth Flowers – Fleeting Nature And Enchanted Flowers For September


September Birth Flower.

September brings with it cooler weather as the autumn season begins. This is the time where certain flowers make their final appearance before the winter months set in. The Aster and the Morning Glory are two flowers that are currently the birth flowers for September. The Morning Glory puts in a fleeting appearance while the Aster fills gardens when many enchanting colors.

Morning Glory Symbolism, Significance And Meaning

According to history, those from the Victorian era believed that the Morning Glory signified love and affection, however, the message was often times representative of unanswered love thanks to the short blooming period of the flower. Although the flowers of the morning glory bloom and die in a single day they continue to produce flowers throughout its blooming period. This continuous blooming of new flowers each day represents a love that is continually renewed.

Aster Symbolism, Significance And Meaning

The Aster was said to bring good luck and ward off evil in ancient times while today it symbolizes love and patience. Historically Asters represented a reversal of the outcome of battles when placed on the graves of French soldiers. In ancient times Asters were used to ward off serpents with their perfume when smoked. For many, the Aster acts almost like a weather forecaster since it closes its petals when rain is on the horizon. The Aster is believed to be enchanted since in mythology it is believed that as the Aster provides a place to sleep for fairies at night.

Aster, the Birth Flower of SeptemberAccording to the ancient Chinese legend, once, two monks going on a long journey to see the stars not a hundred miles away. They wandered throughout the deep forests, climbed the highest mountains, wade through the icehouses and, at last, reached the Altai Mountain. At the highest peak of Altai, the monks understood that the stars still as far as at the beginning of their way. Being disappointed, they decided to return back. For a long time, they are going down without food and water. Suddenly, the found a delightful meadow. There was a brook with clear clean water and the beautiful flowers were everywhere. One monk said to the other: «We spent so much time to reach the sky, but we found it on the Earth». The monks picked up some flowers to cultivate. Over time, the monks cultivated these flowers around the monastery and named them «the Asters».

The Beauty Of The Morning Glory

When you look at a Morning Glory carefully you will see a special kind of beauty that this special flower has. These tubular flowers open up into gorgeous, circular, blue flowers that seem to have been painted with a black star and a bright pink center. Some varieties have cream color centers while others do not have the black star effect but rather have petals that are edged with white. The Picotee Morning Glory variety, while still displaying the beautiful blue that is synonymous with the Morning Glory has petals that are shaped into points instead of having a circular edge.

The Beauty Of The Aster

The Aster also has many faces not only in color but in shape as well. Some varieties look like daisies while others are very similar in looks to the Chrysanthemum. They come in a variety of pinks, blues, lavenders, white, and purples and of course, red.

In Hungary, Aster called an autumn rose, as this flower is able to bloom in late autumn and even early winter. The Aster caused different emotions. It could be sadness from one side and the thought of the eternal, enduring beauty, from the other. Therefore, this flower fits more for adults than for young.

Both these flowers make for great gifts in the month of September or as a 20th wedding anniversary gift.

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